ASI's Green Frontiers Expand

ASI Aluminium
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ASI celebrates the addition of BAB Aluminium Pty Ltd and BENKAM ALU EXTRUSIONS as new members. BAB Aluminium brings decades of expertise in producing top-notch aluminum solutions while embracing low-carbon alternatives. Meanwhile, BENKAM ALU EXTRUSIONS joins, driven by a commitment to sustainable practices, fortifying ASI's mission towards a greener future.



The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) proudly announced the induction of two new members, BAB Aluminium Pty Ltd and BENKAM ALU EXTRUSIONS, marking a significant leap towards fostering sustainability and responsible aluminum production.

BAB Aluminium Pty Ltd, an Australian-based entity, stands as a testament to success, crafting high-quality aluminum seating and setting solutions across various industries. With a legacy spanning four decades, BAB has epitomized quality, expanding its product range from benches to grandstands, catering to diverse project needs. The company's dedication to quality and client satisfaction resonates through their approach, irrespective of project scales.

Recently, BAB Aluminium embraced Capral Aluminium Ltd's low carbon aluminum extrusion, 'Super Green LocAl,' aligning with their commitment to environmental consciousness. Recognizing their role in promoting eco-friendliness, joining ASI emerged as the logical next step towards a cleaner, sustainable world.

Founded in 2015 by European and Uzbek partners, BENKAM ALU EXTRUSIONS has emerged as a dynamic export-oriented company. Operating across Europe, Central Asia, and beyond, the company emphasizes ISO and EN standards compliance, focusing on producing top-quality products while advocating sustainable practices.

In their pursuit of sustainable development, BENKAM's priorities encompass environmental impact, employee welfare, and community well-being. Joining ASI reflects their commitment to aligning with global sustainability objectives, reinforcing their dedication to a progressive, inclusive future for all.


The addition of BAB Aluminium Pty Ltd and BENKAM ALU EXTRUSIONS further solidifies ASI's commitment to promoting sustainable practices within the aluminum industry. These new members' dedication to quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility echoes ASI's core values, propelling the industry towards a greener horizon.

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