BHP Xplor Unveils Trailblazing Exploration Cohort

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BHP announces the second cohort of six pioneering companies selected from over 500 applicants for the BHP Xplor accelerator program. This initiative supports early-stage mineral exploration endeavors vital for the energy transition. Each company receives a grant of up to $500,000, access to a network of industry experts, and collaborates with BHP Xplor for six months to accelerate project maturation. The program aims to revolutionize exploration, identifying disruptive concepts, data, and testing opportunities.


In a groundbreaking move, BHP unveils the second cohort of companies chosen to partake in the BHP Xplor accelerator program, a testament to BHP's commitment to advancing mineral exploration for the energy transition. The program, designed to foster early-stage exploration ventures, selected six companies from a pool of over 500 applicants, showcasing the wealth of innovative ideas in the mineral exploration realm.

The selected companies will each be granted up to $500,000 and gain access to a diverse network of internal and external industry experts. Over the course of six months, these companies will collaborate with BHP Xplor to propel the development of their geological concepts, positioning their projects for potential commercialization or partnership.

Charlee Johnson, Head of the BHP Xplor Program, expresses excitement about the diversity and quality of submissions, emphasizing the program's goal to bring forth innovative exploration projects. The collaborative effort aims to accelerate the exploration process, identifying new concepts, data, and testing opportunities that could reshape the future of mineral exploration.

BHP Xplor serves as a conduit for BHP to access promising exploration prospects globally, enriching the pipeline of opportunities that may shape its future asset portfolio. Sonia Scarselli, Vice President of BHP Exploration and Xplor, emphasizes the need to expedite exploration for critical resources to meet the demands of the energy transition. The program seeks to work collaboratively with the 2024 cohort to accelerate exploration in new geographies and advance novel geologic concepts.

The six companies joining the BHP Xplor accelerator program represent a spectrum of expertise and focus areas:

1. **Longreach Mineral:** Applying an innovative mineral systems approach leveraging petroleum DNA to identify tier 1 deposits crucial for the energy transition.

2. **East Star Resources:** Exploring for copper and other metals in Kazakhstan.

3. **Pallas Resources:** Focusing on large-scale copper, gold, nickel sulphide, and lithium systems in Kazakhstan.

4. **Hamelin Gold:** Executing a modern exploration program at the West Tanami Gold Project in Western Australia.

5. **Cobre:** Concentrating on copper and base metals exploration in Botswana.

6. **Equivest Minerals:** Deploying a technology platform combining statistical insights and machine learning to predict priority areas of interest.

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BHP Xplor's announcement of its second cohort marks a significant leap forward in the realm of mineral exploration for the energy transition. The diverse array of selected companies, each receiving substantial grants and collaborative support, underscores BHP's dedication to fostering innovation in the exploration sector. The program's ambitious goal of accelerating geological concepts and identifying disruptive opportunities aligns with the imperative to meet the demands of the energy transition. As BHP collaborates with these companies over the next six months, the industry awaits the potential transformative outcomes that may reshape the landscape of mineral exploration.

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