Bridgestone Unveils Potenza Super R.A.P Evo

Bridgestone introduces the Potenza Super R.A.P Evo, a modern reimagination of the iconic 1960s Super R.A.P. alloy
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Bridgestone introduces the Potenza Super R.A.P Evo, a modern reimagination of the iconic 1960s Super R.A.P. alloy wheel. This one-piece, 15-inch wheel blends vintage aesthetics with cutting-edge aluminium technology, targeting vintage car restoration and modern vehicle tuning markets, reflecting Bridgestone's commitment to advanced alloy innovation.



Bridgestone, a trailblazer in tyre manufacturing, unveils its latest innovation, the Potenza Super R.A.P Evo, reimagining the legendary 1960s Super R.A.P. alloy wheel. This 15-inch, one-piece alloy wheel commemorates the past while integrating state-of-the-art aluminium technology.

The Potenza Super R.A.P Evo epitomizes a fusion of vintage charm and modern engineering. Beyond its retro appearance, this wheel showcases Bridgestone's dedication to pushing the boundaries of aluminium alloy advancements.

Delving into the intricacies of the Potenza Super R.A.P Evo, its one-piece forged construction harmonizes classic aesthetics with cutting-edge engineering, ensuring a delicate balance between lightweight design and structural resilience. This makes it a compelling choice for aficionados seeking both style and high-performance capabilities.

These wheels, available in two widths (5.5 and 6.0 inches) and a single PCD size (114.3mm), cater to the restoration of vintage automobiles like Datsuns and suit contemporary tuning for vehicles like the Mazda MX-5. Crafted from aluminium alloy, they offer versatility without compromising strength, perfectly aligning with the demands of performance-driven driving.

While the official pricing and availability for New Zealand are pending, the Potenza Super R.A.P Evo is currently listed in Japan, hinting at its global presence. As retro-inspired modifications gain traction, these aluminium alloy wheels are set to captivate the admiration of discerning car enthusiasts worldwide.

In a concise footnote, Bridgestone's Potenza Super R.A.P Evo harmoniously marries vintage aesthetics with contemporary aluminium alloy technology, showcasing the material's adaptability and performance in the automotive industry. The one-piece forged construction underscores the ongoing evolution of aluminium alloy wheels, catering to the desires of style-conscious consumers and driving enthusiasts alike.


Bridgestone's Potenza Super R.A.P Evo marks a fusion of vintage appeal and modern technology, exemplifying the brand's commitment to innovative aluminium alloys. This wheel not only pays homage to the past but also caters to diverse automotive needs, combining style and performance. As it sets foot in the global market, it's poised to captivate the hearts of passionate car enthusiasts seeking a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

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