Caterpillar's Revolutionary Underground Mining Solutions

Caterpillar showcases its strides in sustainable underground mining tech with a battery electric prototype truck and advancing autonomy.
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Caterpillar showcases its strides in sustainable underground mining tech with a battery electric prototype truck and advancing autonomy. Collaborating with Newmont, they pioneer a fully connected, emission-free mining system, fostering safety and productivity enhancements in the industry.



Caterpillar, a global leader in mining equipment, unveils its cutting-edge sustainable solutions in underground mining technology. In a groundbreaking demonstration at its proving ground in Tasmania, Australia, Caterpillar presented its maiden battery electric prototype underground mining truck to industry leaders, including Newmont Corporation, amplifying their commitment to innovative, sustainable mining solutions.

The prototype, a result of collaborative efforts between Caterpillar and Newmont, symbolizes a monumental step towards a holistic, zero-emission, automated mining system envisioned by Newmont. This feat underscores the strength and impact of synergistic partnerships in driving transformative change in the mining industry, as expressed by Rob Atkinson, Newmont's executive vice president.

Pairing this electric truck with the commercially available R1700 XE battery electric loader will culminate in Caterpillar's premier fully electric underground load and haul solution, revolutionizing underground mining practices.

Denise Johnson, Caterpillar's Resource Industries group president, heralds this milestone as a testament to the company's dedication to offering sustainable options in underground mining, echoing the mutual commitment shared with Newmont.

Apart from the electric prototype, Caterpillar showcased its burgeoning autonomy and automation capabilities, addressing critical safety concerns inherent in underground mining. The technology aims to mitigate safety hazards by enabling autonomous operations, thereby enhancing visibility in dark and confined spaces, thereby bolstering safety protocols and augmenting operational consistency.

The company aims to leverage its robust experience in surface operations' autonomous solutions, coupling it with deep-rooted expertise in underground technology to deliver an amalgamation of productivity and safety improvements for its underground mining clientele.

This demonstration stands as a testament to Caterpillar's steadfast progress in innovating sustainable offerings for the mining sector, affirming their commitment to redefining mining practices for a more sustainable future.

Caterpillar's unveiling of pioneering underground mining technology, encompassing battery electric prototypes and advanced autonomy, represents a paradigm shift towards sustainable, safer, and more productive mining operations. Their collaborative efforts with Newmont signify a strategic alliance driving innovation in the mining industry.

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