Copper Symphony: Danieli's Chinese Crescendo

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Jiangxi Copper Company, China's leading copper cathode producer, embraces Danieli Fröhling's cutting-edge technology for a groundbreaking expansion in Nanchang. The collaboration introduces a state-of-the-art 20-high reversing mill, aiming to augment annual copper flat product production by approximately 15,000 metric tons. Primarily serving the copper and copper-alloy foil and thin-strip market, this venture showcases Danieli's commitment to efficiency with proprietary technologies and advanced automation. The mill, set to commence operations in 2025, signifies a harmonious blend of Danieli's expertise and Jiangxi Copper Company's vision for industry leadership.


In a significant stride towards expanding its production capabilities, Jiangxi Copper Company, China's foremost copper cathode producer, has joined forces with Danieli Fröhling, a stalwart in innovative metal industry solutions. The collaboration, set in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China, is poised to revolutionize copper flat product production through the introduction of a cutting-edge 20-high reversing mill.

This ambitious investment, slated for completion in 2025, is geared towards adding an impressive annual production capacity of approximately 15,000 metric tons. The focus lies on catering to the demand in the copper and copper-alloy foil and thin-strip market, showcasing the strategic vision of both Jiangxi Copper Company and Danieli Fröhling.

The centerpiece of this venture is the new reversing mill, a technological marvel that will roll copper and copper alloys with precision. From a maximum entry thickness of 0.8 mm to a minimum finish thickness of 0.03 mm, the mill will operate at a maximum strip width of 450 mm. This flexibility in operation is made possible through the incorporation of Danieli's proprietary intermediate roll double-bending system, ensuring improved strip flatness. The mill will also feature direct hydraulic roll-gap control, enabling high-precision thickness performance.

A twin-housing type mill, this project is not just about technological innovation but also about efficiency and economic rolling performance. The mill will accommodate a broad range of work roll diameters, from 37 to 80 mm, ensuring adaptability to various rolling requirements.

Danieli's commitment to quality is evident in its approach to manufacturing, assembling, and pre-testing the core equipment at Danieli HQ workshops. The project also integrates Danieli Automation advanced solutions, including the HiPAC automation system, ensuring real-time automatic thickness and flatness control.

Beyond the technological aspect, Danieli extends its support through advisory services, covering erection and commissioning activities. This comprehensive approach ensures a seamless integration of the new copper rolling mill into Jiangxi Copper Company's operations.

As Jiangxi Copper Company looks to the future with this expansion, Danieli Fröhling stands as a reliable and innovative partner, bringing a century of partnership experience to the table. The collaborative efforts are not just about meeting current demands but positioning both entities as front-runners in the ever-evolving metals industry.


The collaboration between Jiangxi Copper Company and Danieli Fröhling marks a significant milestone in the metals industry's pursuit of innovation and efficiency. The introduction of a state-of-the-art 20-high reversing mill is poised to elevate Jiangxi Copper Company's annual production capacity by approximately 15,000 metric tons. Beyond the numbers, this venture signifies a harmonious partnership, blending Jiangxi Copper Company's industry leadership with Danieli Fröhling's century-long expertise. The mill, scheduled for startup in 2025, symbolizes a commitment to precision, adaptability, and economic rolling performance. As the metals industry continues to evolve, this collaboration positions both entities as front-runners, ready to orchestrate the future of copper production.

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