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Industry leaders, dSPACE and Spirent, forge a technology partnership to elevate real-time positioning scenarios for Autonomous Driving Hardware-in-the-Loop test systems. Their collaboration integrates Spirent's high-fidelity GNSS simulator with dSPACE's AD-HIL, offering developers a turnkey solution. This synergy facilitates the validation of autonomous driving systems in location-critical scenarios using authentic satellite signals. As driving automation levels rise, the precision of GNSS-enabled systems becomes paramount. The partnership ensures comprehensive validation, enhancing safety and precision in autonomous applications, ultimately expediting development timelines.


In a pioneering collaboration, automotive industry leaders dSPACE and Spirent Communications have joined forces to advance real-time positioning scenarios for Autonomous Driving Hardware-in-the-Loop (AD-HIL) test systems. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of more realistic and efficient testing solutions for autonomous vehicles.

Building on years of successful cooperation, dSPACE and Spirent have coalesced their expertise to offer developers a comprehensive turnkey solution. The collaboration extends the capabilities of dSPACE's leading AD-HIL by incorporating Spirent's GSS7000 high-fidelity global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) simulator. This integration empowers developers to validate vehicle behavior in location-critical scenarios using genuine satellite signals.

The significance of this collaboration lies in its ability to streamline the testing process, accelerating development timelines and time to market for autonomous driving systems. By providing a unified solution with pre-integrated tooling, developers can ensure performance, continuity, and efficiency throughout the testing phase.

As driving automation levels increase, the precision and responsiveness of GNSS-enabled systems become paramount, particularly for achieving SAE Levels of Driving Automation™ at or beyond Level 3. In addition to dSPACE's robust AD-HIL, which includes simulation interfaces for radar, camera, lidar, and ultrasonic sensors, the GSS7000 simulator emerges as a critical sensor. Operating in parallel, it validates driver assistance algorithms and contributes to the digital homologation of future vehicles.

The GSS7000 simulator, renowned for its high-fidelity RF signal generation and low-latency response, becomes an additional layer of security and functionality. It facilitates the validation of security-relevant functional tests, including scenarios involving jamming and spoofing, crucial for highly autonomous platforms. Spirent's SimHIL software interface ensures seamless communication between the systems of both partners, enhancing the overall efficiency of the testing process.

Dr. Herbert Schuette, Executive Vice President at dSPACE, highlights the seamless integration of Spirent's GNSS simulators into their test solutions. This integration, he explains, allows customers to achieve comprehensive validation of autonomous driving applications, enhancing safety and precision through the integration of authentic positioning data.

Adam Price, Spirent’s Vice President of PNT Simulation, expresses excitement about the partnership with dSPACE, emphasizing the complementary nature of their portfolios. Focused on quality, accuracy, and reliability, the collaboration aims to deliver solutions that meet the demanding standards of the connected and autonomous vehicle industry.

This collaboration not only marks a technological leap in the automotive testing landscape but also sets the stage for more efficient, secure, and reliable autonomous driving systems.


The collaboration between dSPACE and Spirent represents a groundbreaking leap in the realm of automotive testing, specifically in the context of Autonomous Driving Hardware-in-the-Loop (AD-HIL) systems. By seamlessly integrating Spirent's high-fidelity GNSS simulators with dSPACE's AD-HIL, the partnership delivers a turnkey solution that enhances the realism and efficiency of testing scenarios for autonomous vehicles.

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