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Hydro, a key player in the green transition, joins the First Movers Coalition's "green" supplier database, showcasing its low-carbon aluminium. The First Suppliers Hub, unveiled at the World Economic Forum, simplifies access to innovative technologies, supporting organizations in translating climate commitments into action. Hydro's participation reflects its commitment to revolutionize the materials sector, emphasizing reduced emissions, increased transparency, and the broader impact on communities and nature.


In a significant move towards fostering sustainability, Hydro, a pioneering force in green initiatives, has become part of the First Movers Coalition's (FMC) groundbreaking First Suppliers Hub. Launched at the World Economic Forum, this platform streamlines access to innovative technologies, aiding organizations in their journey from climate commitments to tangible action. Hydro, known for its groundbreaking low-carbon aluminium, Hydro REDUXA 3.0, is one of the few companies globally with a carbon footprint significantly below the industry average.

Present at the WEF Annual Meeting in Davos, Hydro is actively engaging in discussions to reshape material production methods. As part of the FMC, which focuses on leveraging purchasing power to decarbonize heavy-emitting sectors, Hydro's participation aligns with its commitment to drive the green transition. The First Suppliers Hub, a global database, features over 80 decarbonization efforts from various organizations, offering valuable insights and collaboration opportunities.

Hydro's qualification as a supplier of its lowest-carbon primary aluminium product underscores its dedication to changing the game for materials. Hydro REDUXA 3.0 already boasts a carbon footprint less than one-fourth of the global industry average, and by 2030, Hydro aims to further reduce it by 25 percent. Hydro's President and CEO, Hilde Merete Aasheim, emphasizes the need for a fundamental change in material production methods to enable true decarbonization of society.

Hydro's discussions at the WEF Annual Meeting in Davos revolve around key themes. These include strategies to reduce material emissions, the importance of enhancing transparency in material footprint, and how businesses can positively impact local communities, nature, and the climate beyond carbon emissions. Hydro envisions pioneering the green aluminium transition, setting a new standard for low-carbon aluminium.

The First Suppliers Hub, a pivotal tool created by the WEF, showcases more than 80 ongoing decarbonization efforts from various organizations. It acts as a bridge for buyers, connecting them with suppliers and innovators to facilitate collaboration and further the goals of the FMC. The database is accessible globally, offering a comprehensive resource for organizations seeking near-zero emissions technology.

In conclusion, Hydro's participation in the First Suppliers Hub is a testament to its commitment to drive sustainable practices in the materials sector. The collaboration with FMC and participation in discussions at Davos reflects Hydro's dedication to being an eco-pioneer, driving change, reducing emissions, and contributing to a net-zero society.


Hydro's involvement in the First Suppliers Hub signals a crucial step in advancing sustainability efforts. By joining the First Movers Coalition's initiative, Hydro showcases its commitment to driving a green transition in material production. The WEF Annual Meeting discussions emphasize key themes like reducing material emissions, enhancing transparency, and promoting positive impacts on communities and nature. Hydro envisions leading the way in the green aluminium transition, setting a new standard for low-carbon practices. The First Suppliers Hub acts as a vital resource for collaboration, connecting buyers with innovative solutions and fostering a sustainable, near-zero emissions technology ecosystem.

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