EGA's Turba: Redefining Soil Creation

Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) initiates a groundbreaking project, constructing the world's first pilot plant to transform bauxite residue into
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Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) initiates a groundbreaking project, constructing the world's first pilot plant to transform bauxite residue into "Turba" – manufactured soil. This pioneering innovation, after five years of rigorous research, promises eco-friendly soil creation, potentially revolutionizing the recycling of aluminium industry waste.



In a pioneering move, Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) in the United Arab Emirates embarks on constructing a pioneering pilot plant aimed at converting bauxite residue into a novel resource—manufactured soil named 'Turba.' This venture, believed to be a global first, signifies a monumental breakthrough in repurposing the aluminum industry's challenging waste stream.

The pilot plant's construction follows extensive scientific exploration and development by EGA and a consortium of global research partners, culminating in a transformative solution that harnesses caustic bauxite residue, traditionally one of the industry's most daunting waste elements, into an environmentally beneficial raw material.

The proprietary technology utilized by EGA's pilot plant expedites the neutralization of caustic bauxite residue within hours, transforming it into Optimised Bauxite Residue, the core component of the 'Turba' manufactured soil.

Expected to conclude by 2024, the pilot plant's primary objective is to demonstrate the scalability and industrial viability of EGA's revolutionary process while conducting extensive trials to gauge plant growth utilizing the manufactured soil. With an anticipated production capacity of up to six metric tons daily, it signifies a pivotal step toward large-scale implementation.

Initial laboratory trials indicate that Turba significantly enhances plant growth while conserving water and fertilizers compared to local sandy alternatives. EGA envisions developing multiple solutions to ensure comprehensive utilization of bauxite residue in the UAE, fostering a more circular economy.

The construction, situated at EGA's Al Taweelah site in Abu Dhabi, will encompass a 900-square-meter area and feature extensive infrastructure comprising 230 metric tons of steel, over two kilometers of piping, and ten separate tanks. A specialized filtration system, the plant's core, was constructed in Finland and shipped to the UAE in June.

Notably, the UAE's scarcity of naturally occurring soil necessitates significant yearly imports for agriculture and greening purposes. Soil, a non-renewable resource, typically takes centuries to form naturally, posing a critical challenge for the nation.

EGA's transformative initiative extends beyond waste management. It aligns with the global pursuit to mitigate climate change, with Turba displaying promising CO2 absorption potential, potentially tenfold greater than natural UAE soil.

The endeavor reflects EGA's commitment to innovation and sustainability, intending to repurpose other waste streams from its industrial activities, contributing to a long-term goal of zero process waste to landfill.



EGA's pioneering pilot plant heralds a transformative era in waste recycling and soil creation. The development of Turba stands as a testament to innovation meeting sustainability, offering promising solutions for waste management and environmental conservation. As the project advances, it symbolizes a beacon of hope in fostering a more circular and eco-conscious future.

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