Epiroc Secures Türkiye's Copper Mine Deal

EPIROC Simba E70 S
EPIROC Simba E70 SImage Source: EPIROC


Epiroc, a leader in mining equipment, secured a substantial order from Eti Bakir for machinery at a new Türkiye copper mine. The order includes face drilling rigs, production rigs, trucks, and loaders, valued at about MSEK 280. Featuring advanced technology for automation and fleet management, these machines aim to enhance operational safety and productivity.


Epiroc, known for its prowess in mining equipment and sustainability, has clinched a significant deal with Eti Bakir, Türkiye's largest mining firm, for a new copper mine project in Türkiye.

The order encompasses a diverse fleet of machinery, comprising face drilling rigs like the Boomer S2 series, Simba E70 S production drilling rigs, Scooptram ST14 loaders, and Minetruck MT42 and Minetruck MT436B haulers. These machines are slated for operation at the forthcoming copper mine near Elazig and some existing Eti Bakir sites, fortifying ongoing operations.

Valued at approximately MSEK 280, this order emphasizes Epiroc's commitment to supporting Eti Bakir in executing safe and highly productive mining practices. Helena Hedblom, Epiroc's President and CEO, expressed delight in perpetuating this collaboration to enhance mining operations' safety and efficiency.

The ordered drilling rigs will integrate Epiroc's innovative Advanced Boom Control solution, enabling automated hole sequencing and simultaneous boom control. Additionally, all machines will feature Epiroc's fleet management system, facilitating real-time monitoring of performance and productivity.

Delivery of these advanced mining equipment units is slated to commence in the initial half of 2024. Part of this deal includes the trial run of Epiroc's fully electric Minetruck MT42 SG hauler at the Kastamonu Küre underground copper mine, aligning with Eti Bakir's commitment to sustainable mining practices.

Gökhan Zengin, Eti Bakir's Machinery Manager, reiterated their trust in Epiroc's technology, highlighting the choice of familiar and efficient products for the new mine. Zengin also expressed excitement about testing Türkiye's first-ever MT42 battery-driven mine truck, marking a milestone in their sustainable mining journey.

This substantial order echoes Epiroc's prior collaboration with Eti Bakir in 2021, reinforcing their enduring partnership in bolstering the infrastructure of underground copper mines.


Epiroc's successful acquisition of a major equipment order from Eti Bakir marks another milestone in their partnership. The diverse fleet of cutting-edge machinery promises heightened safety, efficiency, and sustainability for the burgeoning copper mine in Türkiye. This collaboration underscores Epiroc's commitment to innovation and sustainable mining practices while fortifying their longstanding alliance with Eti Bakir in Türkiye's mining landscape.

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