Forging Futurity: Aubert's Metallurgical Marvel

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Aubert & Duval invests €75 million in SMS group's hydraulic forging press, a pivotal step in their vision to be a European metallurgy leader. The 60 MN force press, operational in 2027, enhances precision forging for aerospace components, aligning with decarbonization goals. The modular design accommodates isothermal forging for high-performance aircraft parts. This strategic move, backed by shareholders, exemplifies Aubert & Duval's commitment to technological advancements and industrial excellence.


Aubert & Duval, a key player in metallurgy, has embarked on a transformative journey by investing €75 million in SMS group's cutting-edge hydraulic closed-die forging press. This strategic move, centered at their Pamiers site in Ariège, France, underscores Aubert & Duval's aspiration to lead European metallurgy, especially in aerospace, energy, and defense.

The hydraulic press, boasting a forging force of 60 MN, signals a significant advancement in precision forging. Specifically designed for producing meticulous forgings like turbine disks, shafts, and structural components, this technology aligns with the company's vision to be prepared for the next generation of aircraft.

One noteworthy feature is the press's modular structure, allowing integration of an isothermal forging module. This innovation positions Aubert & Duval to manufacture high-performance components for aircraft and engines through vacuum powder metallurgy, showcasing a forward-thinking approach.

Scheduled to be operational in 2027, the press replaces an older facility, built in 1932, highlighting Aubert & Duval's commitment to modernization. The new press, equipped with state-of-the-art robotics and energy-optimized controls, contributes significantly to the company's decarbonization targets, ensuring a more energy-efficient operation than its predecessor.

Bruno Durand, CEO of Aubert & Duval, emphasizes the investment's significance in enhancing industrial performance. The press not only aligns with immediate goals but positions Aubert & Duval as a metallurgical leader in Europe, anticipating future technical developments.

Thomas Winterfeldt, Executive Vice President Forging Plants at SMS group, expresses pride in their longstanding partnership. The new press, equipped for Industry 4.0, reflects SMS group's commitment to aiding Aubert & Duval's journey to become a leader in European metallurgy, particularly in the aerospace sector.

In essence, this substantial investment, backed by shareholders, signifies Aubert & Duval's commitment to technological advancement, industrial excellence, and a sustainable future in metallurgy.


Aubert & Duval's investment in SMS group's hydraulic forging press marks a groundbreaking move toward becoming a European metallurgical leader. With a focus on aerospace precision forging and decarbonization, this €75 million venture is a strategic leap toward technological excellence. Scheduled for operation in 2027, the press showcases a commitment to modernization and energy efficiency. Backed by shareholders, Aubert & Duval's vision extends beyond immediate goals, positioning them as pioneers in anticipating future technical developments and leading the way in European metallurgy, especially in the aerospace sector.

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