FrieslandCampina's UAE Recycling Crusade

FrieslandCampina partners with the UAE Ministry of Climate Change for an eco-initiative, aiming to foster a recycling
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FrieslandCampina partners with the UAE Ministry of Climate Change for an eco-initiative, aiming to foster a recycling ethos, primarily focusing on aluminium and tin materials. This endeavour encompasses interactive student engagements and strategic collaborations, exemplifying a commitment to sustainable practices and empowering future sustainability leaders.


FrieslandCampina, in collaboration with the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCAE), embarks on a pioneering journey towards a more sustainable UAE. This initiative pivots on efficient waste management, emphasizing the recycling of aluminium single-use plastic and tin materials, championing environmental stewardship.

The comprehensive plan doesn't stop at recycling alone. It actively engages students across the UAE through dynamic workshops and masterclasses, intending to ingrain a culture of recycling and sustainability. Teaming up with Emirates Steel, Rainbow, under FrieslandCampina, champions the cause by meticulously treating tin cans, ensuring their seamless integration into a new cycle of sustainability.

Aluminium's infinite recyclability and retained quality even after multiple recycling phases position it as a prized material across industries. To delve deeper into how recycling reshapes the global landscape, AL Circle's report 'World Recycled Aluminium Market Analysis – Industry Forecast to 2030' provides a comprehensive understanding.

Her Excellency Engineer Othaibah Al Qaydi, from the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, emphasizes the collaborative aspect, stating that such initiatives, like the Recycle to Green Initiative, are pivotal to the UAE's climate action goals. Engaging students underscores the youth's vital role in fostering environmental sustainability.

Aligned with the UAE's waste management vision and the 'We The UAE 2031' environmental protection plan, FrieslandCampina sets ambitious goals. Their target of collecting 2 million Rainbow tins, equivalent to 100 metric tons, in 2023 signifies a significant leap from previous collection figures, marking a stride towards sustainable progress.

In collaboration with the Ministry, Emirates Environmental Group, and RECAPP by Veolia, FrieslandCampina aims to enlighten 30,000 students, dubbed 'Green Champions,' from 27 schools by the year-end. This strategic campaign nurtures future sustainability leaders, contributing to the broader national environmental protection goals outlined in the 'We The UAE 2031' vision.

Habiba Al Mar’ashi, Co-Founder & Chairperson of Emirates Environmental Group, underlines the importance of nurturing eco-consciousness in the UAE's youth, partnering with FrieslandCampina, a company deeply rooted in sustainability principles.


FrieslandCampina's joint venture with the UAE Ministry of Climate Change signals a significant stride toward a greener UAE. Their focus on recycling aluminium and tin materials, coupled with engaging students, showcases a commitment to sustainability and grooming future environmental leaders. This initiative aligns with national environmental protection goals, fostering a recycling ethos among the youth for a more sustainable tomorrow.

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