GreenGems: EGA's Recycling Revolution

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Emirates Global Aluminium collaborates with social enterprise Nadeera to introduce Yalla Return, an innovative recycling initiative near EGA's Jebel Ali plant. Utilizing a mobile app connected to tech-enabled waste bins, the program, developed by Nadeera, engages and incentivizes recycling in approximately 4,000 households. EGA's commitment to sustainable practices aligns with the UAE's largest aluminium recycling plant construction, promoting awareness and community involvement in recycling efforts.


In a significant stride towards sustainability, Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) has joined forces with Nadeera, a social enterprise, to unveil Yalla Return, an inventive recycling solution designed to make a positive impact in communities surrounding EGA's Jebel Ali plant.

Yalla Return, crafted by Nadeera, introduces a tech-savvy platform that leverages a mobile application connected to state-of-the-art waste collection bins. The primary aim is to actively engage and incentivize recycling behaviors among consumers in approximately 4,000 households situated near the Jebel Ali site.

Aluminium recycling, a key focus of this initiative, emerges as an environmentally friendly alternative, consuming a staggering 95% less energy than the production of new metal and generating significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions. EGA, recognizing the environmental benefits, had previously announced the initiation of construction for the UAE's largest aluminium recycling plant.

EGA, driven by its commitment to sustainable practices, has been at the forefront of fostering collaboration within the industry. The Aluminium Recycling Coalition, a brainchild of EGA, brings together beverage can-makers, beverage producers, and waste management companies, aiming to elevate the recycling rate of aluminium cans in the UAE. Notably, only around one-third of the 660 million beverage cans consumed annually in the UAE are presently recycled.

Abdulnasser Bin Kalban, CEO of EGA, emphasized the significance of this partnership in creating awareness about recycling in the communities neighboring EGA's plants. The initiative aligns seamlessly with EGA's dedication to extending support to entrepreneurship and economic growth in the UAE, as exemplified by Nadeera being a finalist in the first season of EGA Ramp-up, the company’s corporate social responsibility program.

EGA's commitment to environmental stewardship extends beyond this recycling initiative, encompassing various corporate social responsibility programs such as sports tournaments, community clean-up drives, and recruitment campaigns. The company remains accessible to its neighboring communities through a dedicated hotline, welcoming feedback and addressing concerns.

As EGA spearheads this recycling revolution with Nadeera, the collaboration aims not only to enhance recycling rates but also to create a broader awareness of the importance of sustainable practices in the communities it serves.


In embracing the future of sustainability, Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) and Nadeera have forged a meaningful partnership, giving birth to Yalla Return, a forward-thinking recycling initiative. This collaboration, marked by innovation and community engagement, aims to bring about a positive change in the recycling landscape, starting with approximately 4,000 households near EGA's Jebel Ali plant.

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