Hindalco-C4V Alliance: Boosting EV Future

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Hindalco's battery foil unit in Odisha prompted a deal with US-based C4V, solidifying trade ties and ensuring a seamless supply of aluminium foils for Li-ion batteries. The agreement spans 5 years, delivering 2,000 metric tons of battery-grade aluminium foils, marking a significant stride in India's EV sector growth.


The recent collaboration between Hindalco, one of India's leading aluminium manufacturers, and C4V, a US-based lithium-ion battery technology firm, signifies a pivotal milestone in bolstering the Indian EV market. This strategic partnership, inked via a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), lays the groundwork for a consistent supply of battery-grade aluminium foil, a crucial component in Li-ion batteries, for the next five years. The agreement not only secures a steady stream of coated aluminium foils but also paves the way for collaborative technological advancements and material development.

This alliance bears significant implications for India's EV industry, accentuating the nation's stride toward self-reliance and indigenous manufacturing capabilities. Hindalco's recent announcement of a new 25,000 metric tons battery foil manufacturing plant in Odisha aligns seamlessly with this agreement, indicating a strong impetus towards fortifying the domestic battery manufacturing ecosystem.

The increasing popularity of electric vehicles has amplified the demand for efficient and cost-effective battery solutions. However, the current expense of lithium, a vital component in batteries, contributes substantially to the overall production cost. With the average cost of batteries per kilowatt-hour standing at around $160, the cost of lithium extraction and refinement is a significant factor in this equation.

Lithium sourcing predominantly occurs in regions like Australia and South America, adding logistical complexities and costs to the supply chain. The extraction, refining, and transportation process, involving countries like China, Japan, Korea, and the US, amplifies the overall expense, contributing to the high price tags of electric cars in the market.


The collaborative stride between Hindalco and C4V not only signifies a strategic trade alliance but also presents a leap towards sustainable and cost-effective solutions in India's burgeoning EV landscape. This partnership is poised to augment indigenous manufacturing, reduce dependency on global supply chains, and potentially alleviate the production costs of batteries, nurturing a more accessible electric vehicle market in the country.

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