ISRI & AA: Aluminium's Eco-Friendly Evolution

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ISRI and the Aluminium Association's findings reveal that 80% of US-produced aluminium uses recycled content, significantly cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Testifying at the USITC, they emphasized the pivotal role of recycling in reducing carbon footprints. Technological advancements and increased recycling contribute to a greener aluminium industry, crucial for a sustainable future.


ISRI and the Aluminium Association testified at the USITC about their investigation, unveiling that 80% of US aluminium is crafted from recycled material, significantly reducing carbon emissions. This revelation comes amidst a focus on greenhouse gas intensity in US aluminium and steel production.

Adam Shaffer from ISRI highlighted the recycling industry's role in climate change mitigation, saving nearly 400 million metric tons of CO₂ annually in the US. Charles Johnson of the Aluminium Association stressed aluminium's significance in green energy transitions and the substantial investment in greener production methods.

The Aluminium Association underscored the industry's progress in reducing carbon impact, halving it over 30 years through innovation and renewable energy adoption. AL Circle's e-Magazine discussed the crucial role of recycling and emission reduction in decarbonizing the aluminium sector, emphasizing the need for increased recycling efforts.


In essence, the testimony and industry insights underscore how recycling initiatives and technological advancements are pivotal in transforming the aluminium industry toward sustainability. The findings emphasize the critical role of recycling in curbing emissions, showcasing how concerted efforts and technological innovations lead to a more sustainable aluminium industry.

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