Lithium Leap: EVM's Metso Pact"

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EV Metals Group (EVM) signs a pivotal frame agreement with Metso for a Lithium Chemicals Plant in Saudi Arabia. The technical partnership, revealed at the Future Minerals Forum in Riyadh, establishes Metso as EVM’s key technical ally, providing support for operational excellence. Metso's advanced technology will contribute to making the LCP a global hub for high-purity chemicals vital for electric vehicles and batteries, aligning with Vision 2030 goals.


EV Metals Group (EVM) takes a monumental step forward by inking a technical partnership frame agreement with Metso for the construction of a Lithium Chemicals Plant (LCP) in Yanbu Industrial City, Saudi Arabia. The agreement, unveiled at the Future Minerals Forum in Riyadh, solidifies Metso as EVM's crucial technical partner. Metso's role encompasses providing technical, operational, maintenance, and systems support, aiming to achieve top-tier operational performance and effective asset management for the LCP.

Metso's cutting-edge alkaline leach technology, already deployed in various Lithium Chemicals Plant projects globally, will be a cornerstone in realizing EVM's flagship LCP project. The plant is envisioned to become a significant midstream hub, producing high-purity chemicals essential for electric vehicles and battery cell manufacturers. This collaboration underscores EVM's commitment to aligning with Vision 2030 goals, contributing to Saudi Arabia's vision for economic diversification.

Luke Fitzgerald, CEO of EVM, emphasizes the significance of the technical partnership with Metso in accelerating the progress of the Lithium Chemicals Plant. The collaborative approach aims to secure all necessary requirements for a successful start-up and operation, with Metso identified as the ideal partner providing processing technology and equipment across the entire lithium production chain – from mine to battery materials.

Sami Takaluoma, President of Metso’s Services business area, expresses delight at EV Metals Group's confidence in Metso's technological expertise and commitment to sustainable solutions. The partnership extends beyond technical support, with a commitment to strengthening service capabilities in the region to meet growing customer needs.

Metso, a leading provider of sustainable technology and equipment for all ore types, positions itself as a key player in battery minerals processing. The company's comprehensive solutions cover critical minerals essential for the energy transition, from lithium and nickel to cobalt. Metso's expertise spans the entire production chain, emphasizing sustainability and contributing to the development of high-end lithium-ion battery chemicals.


The agreement between EV Metals Group (EVM) and Metso marks a groundbreaking move towards constructing a Lithium Chemicals Plant in Saudi Arabia. The partnership, announced at a forum in Riyadh, designates Metso as a crucial technical ally, providing support for the operational success of the plant. Metso's cutting-edge technology will play a pivotal role in establishing the plant as a global hub for essential chemicals used in electric vehicles and batteries, aligning with the economic diversification goals outlined in Vision 2030.

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