Metso's Irapuato Innovation Unveiled

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Metso marks a milestone with the inauguration of its screening media factory in Irapuato, Mexico. The state-of-the-art facility, employing 46 people, promises to enhance Metso's supply capabilities for mining and aggregates clients in North and Central America. Embracing sustainable practices, the factory features solar panels covering 50% of its electricity needs. Metso aims to improve service capability and reduce lead times with this strategic investment in an important region.


Metso, a global leader in sustainable technologies, celebrates the official opening of its screening media factory in Irapuato, Mexico. This modern facility, inaugurated on January 17, 2024, stands as a testament to Metso's commitment to customer success and innovation. Employing 46 individuals on a spacious 9,000+ m2 lot, the factory is poised to significantly enhance Metso's supply and delivery capabilities for mining and aggregates customers in North and Central America.

The new screening media factory incorporates advanced and sustainable manufacturing practices, aligning with Metso's focus on safety, employee well-being, and continuous development. Notably, the facility boasts solar panels covering approximately 50% of its electricity requirements, underscoring Metso's commitment to environmentally friendly operations.

Alfredo Monreal, Vice President, Sales and Service, Mexico and Central America, Metso, expresses satisfaction in officially inaugurating the Irapuato facility, considering it a crucial milestone. The region serves as a vital center of excellence for delivering high-quality products to mining and aggregates customers. Monreal emphasizes that all Metso factories prioritize modernity, safety, and ongoing development initiatives.

Metso's strategic investment in Mexico aligns with its goal of developing operations close to customers to enhance service capabilities. Jouni Mähönen, Vice President, Screening business line, Metso, highlights the importance of this investment in improving lead times and offering scalability in production volumes, particularly in a significant region.

With a growing installed base in the Americas, Metso delivered 250 new screening machines to mining and aggregates customers last year alone. The commitment to continuous development and proximity to customers reflects in Metso's investment decisions, such as the new screening media factory in Irapuato.

Metso currently employs approximately 730 individuals in production, sales, and field service in Mexico. The Irapuato industrial area houses not only the screening media factory but also a new rubber and Poly-Met media factory. Further expansion plans include the construction of a polymer filter plate factory, scheduled for completion in 2024 and operational in early 2025.


Metso's inauguration of the screening media factory in Irapuato, Mexico, signifies a significant step towards enhancing its presence in North and Central America. The modern facility, employing 46 individuals, aligns with Metso's commitment to innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction. With a focus on sustainable practices, including solar panels covering half of its electricity needs, the factory exemplifies Metso's dedication to environmentally friendly operations.

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