Saraji Tragedy: A Solemn Moment

SaarajiImage Source: BHP


In a somber announcement, BMA Asset President Adam Lancey confirms the tragic death of Luke O'Brien, a Saraji mine team member, in a vehicle incident. The Saraji community mourns the loss, and BMA is dedicated to supporting Luke's family during this challenging time. A thorough investigation is underway, with counseling services offered to affected teams and their families.


BMA Asset President Adam Lancey expressed deep sorrow in confirming the tragic demise of Luke O'Brien, a valued team member at Saraji mine. Luke suffered a fatal injury in a vehicle incident at the mine. BMA extends heartfelt condolences to Luke's family, friends, and the entire community, focusing on providing support to the grieving family.

The Saraji community is grappling with this loss, emphasizing the need for unity and support during such trying times. To assist affected teams and their families, counseling services are readily available, with additional onsite support deployed at Saraji and in the nearby Dysart community.

Amidst the grief, BMA is committed to a comprehensive investigation, collaborating closely with relevant authorities to understand the circumstances surrounding the incident. The safety and well-being of its workforce remain paramount, with measures in place to ensure the emotional support of the entire Saraji team.

In this challenging period, BMA encourages those affected by the incident to reach out to their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider for counseling services. The company remains dedicated to its people, prioritizing their mental and emotional well-being during this tragic event.


The Saraji mine community is in mourning following the tragic vehicle incident that claimed the life of Luke O'Brien. BMA Asset President Adam Lancey expressed deep condolences and highlighted the company's focus on supporting Luke's family during this difficult time. With counseling services available for affected teams, BMA is ensuring emotional support on-site and in the Dysart community.

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