Strategic Symphony: Landström Joins LKAB's Leadership Cadence

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Per Landström assumes the role of Senior Vice President for Strategy and Business Development at LKAB, becoming a pivotal member of the Group Management starting February 1, 2024. Previously overseeing Purchasing and Finance in the Iron Ore business area, Landström brings two decades of mining industry expertise. His appointment orchestrates a strategic realignment, with Jenny Greberg, the Acting Director, reverting to her role as Vice President Technology within the same unit.


In a strategic move, LKAB welcomes Per Landström as the new Senior Vice President of the Strategy and Business Development unit, solidifying his position within the esteemed Group Management, effective February 1, 2024. This transition marks a significant chapter in LKAB's leadership composition, as Landström steps into a role crucial for shaping the company's trajectory.

Landström, whose recent stint involved steering the realms of Purchasing and Finance in the Iron Ore business area, brings a wealth of experience to his new position. His journey in the mining industry spans approximately two decades, encompassing roles at industry giants like Boliden and Metso. Primarily focused on finance and purchasing, Landström's diverse background positions him uniquely for the challenges and opportunities inherent in the Strategy and Business Development domain.

Jenny Greberg, who adeptly assumed the role of Acting Director in November 2023, will gracefully transition back to her prior position as Vice President Technology within the Strategy and Business Development unit. Her interim stewardship showcased resilience and leadership, contributing to the unit's operational continuity during the transitional phase.

Landström's arrival signals a strategic recalibration within LKAB, aligning key leadership positions to fortify the company's competitive edge. As Senior Vice President, he will play a pivotal role in steering the strategic and developmental aspects of LKAB's operations. This move underscores LKAB's commitment to harnessing seasoned industry expertise to drive innovation and growth.

The mining industry veteran's multifaceted experience, ranging from financial intricacies to procurement strategies, positions him as a valuable asset in LKAB's leadership ensemble. The Strategy and Business Development unit, under Landström's guidance, is poised to navigate evolving industry landscapes, explore growth avenues, and fortify LKAB's position as a trailblazer in the mining sector.


Per Landström's integration into LKAB's Group Management heralds a new era of strategic leadership. With a robust background spanning finance and purchasing in the mining industry, Landström brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as Senior Vice President of the Strategy and Business Development unit. This strategic realignment, accompanied by Jenny Greberg's return to her role as Vice President Technology, signifies LKAB's commitment to fostering a dynamic leadership structure. As LKAB navigates the ever-evolving mining landscape, the collective expertise of its leadership promises innovation, resilience, and sustained growth.

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