VALCO's Pioneering Green Commitment

At COP28, VALCO, represented by Environmental Manager Edward Arthur and Environmental Control Officer Edgard Tetteh, showcased
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At COP28, VALCO, represented by Environmental Manager Edward Arthur and Environmental Control Officer Edgard Tetteh, showcased their sustainable production endeavors under the theme "Unite, Act, Deliver." The Ghana-based aluminium company aims to curb emissions, enhance energy efficiency, and optimize waste management, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility and securing recognition as a sustainable aluminium producer.

In the heart of Ghana, the Volta Aluminium Company (VALCO) exemplified a profound dedication to sustainable production during COP28. Their Environmental Manager, Edward Arthur, and Environmental Control Officer, Edgard Tetteh, shed light on VALCO's relentless pursuit of sustainable practices in the aluminium industry. With the overarching theme "Unite, Act, Deliver," VALCO showcased a comprehensive approach toward curbing emissions and enhancing environmental responsibility.

VALCO, a key player in aluminium production, has initiated robust measures to align its smelting processes with sustainability goals. Acknowledging the substantial greenhouse gas emissions linked to aluminium production, which contribute about two percent to global emissions, VALCO has devised a policy aiming for reduced emissions, heightened energy efficiency, and improved waste management.

Mr. Arthur delineated VALCO's strategies, emphasizing a shift to cleaner fuels and an overarching drive toward energy efficiency. The company's proactive approach encompasses meticulous monitoring and reporting of environmental performance, crucial for tracking progress in emission reduction.

Highlighting VALCO's exceptional commitment, Mr. Arthur emphasized the company's quantification of greenhouse gas emissions, an effort lauded by Ghana's Environmental Protection Agency. This quantification forms a crucial part of Ghana's Environmental Protection Agency Nationally Determined Contribution.

Subscribing to the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) certification signifies VALCO's dedication to sustainable practices. Mr. Tetteh emphasized the company's pursuit of ASI's key rights—labour, neighbour, and human rights—emphasizing the importance of employee training and sustainable sourcing.


VALCO's efforts encompass sourcing sustainable raw materials, reducing waste, and implementing efficient energy technology, aligning with ASI's requirements for sustainable production. Mr. Tetteh stressed VALCO's belief in clean air, safe work environments, fair wages, emphasizing their substantial role in global emissions reduction and positive climate impact.

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