Vedanta's Eco-Smelt: Pioneering Aluminium Innovation

Vedanta Aluminium, a division of Vedanta Limited, introduces an innovative smelting technique to cut energy use and carbon emissions in aluminium
Vedanta Eco Smelt
Vedanta Eco SmeltImage Source: Vedanta

Vedanta Aluminium, a division of Vedanta Limited, introduces an innovative smelting technique to cut energy use and carbon emissions in aluminium production. The advanced pot lining design aims to reduce energy consumption by 250 kWh per metric ton of aluminium, enhancing efficiency while extending pot lifespan across its smelters in Jharsuguda and BALCO in India.



Vedanta Aluminium, a significant player in the aluminium industry, unveils a groundbreaking breakthrough on National Energy Conservation Day. The company heralds a transformative change with its new energy-efficient approach—an advanced pot lining design poised to revolutionize aluminium smelting across its operations.

This cutting-edge pot lining design promises a remarkable reduction of up to 250 kWh per metric ton of aluminium produced. This innovation stands out not only for its energy efficiency but also for its significant impact on smelting pot longevity, providing a dual advantage for Vedanta’s operations.

The implementation of this pioneering pot lining design is set to encompass Vedanta’s key smelting facilities, including those situated in Jharsuguda, Odisha, and BALCO in Korba, Chhattisgarh. These smelters house multiple potlines, vital structures within the smelting process crucial for aluminium extraction.

Vedanta's ambitious plan includes a substantial reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions, targeting a decrease of up to 3.86 lakh metric tons of CO2e annually, particularly at its Jharsuguda facility—the largest smelter under its operations.

John Slaven, CEO of Vedanta Aluminium, emphasizes the company's commitment to climate action, integrating it as a strategic cornerstone. Vedanta's approach encompasses both mitigating and offsetting their carbon footprint. Energy conservation and management stand as pivotal components of this initiative, positioning the company at the forefront of sustainable practices within the aluminium industry.

Additionally, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT KGP), Vedanta recently developed an innovative bauxite refining process. This pioneering method aims to curtail bauxite residue generation by an impressive 30 per cent, further solidifying Vedanta's dedication to sustainable, forward-thinking practices.

The edited report by Debanjali Sengupta signifies the importance of this milestone, indicating its availability on the 'AlCircle News' App for wider accessibility and dissemination of this groundbreaking achievement.

Vedanta's stride towards energy efficiency and sustainability in aluminium production stands as a testament to its commitment to innovation and eco-friendly practices, setting a benchmark for the industry's future trajectory.

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