150 Years: Milestone Mirth: SMS & Paul Wurth's Sesquicentennial

SMS group and Paul Wurth
SMS group and Paul WurthImage Source: Paul Wurth


SMS group and Paul Wurth recently celebrated their 150th anniversaries with a Big Family Day event in Luxembourg. The companies took this occasion to thank employees, past and present, and their families for their contributions. They also acknowledged the loyalty and trust of their customers and business partners.


September 23, 2023, marked a significant milestone for two industry giants, SMS group and Paul Wurth, as they celebrated their 150th anniversaries. The occasion was commemorated with a Big Family Day in Luxembourg, bringing together employees and their families for a festive celebration.

While Paul Wurth reached its 150-year mark back in 2020, celebrations were postponed due to the pandemic. This year, the company took the opportunity to combine the festivities with SMS group, who are also celebrating their sesquicentennial.

The event was more than just speeches and formalities. It was a day filled with various activities for children, including workshops and games, making it a true family affair.

CEO André Schneider took the stage to express gratitude to current and former employees and their families for their hard work and dedication. He also thanked customers and business partners for their loyalty and trust, acknowledging their role in the company's 150-year history.

In his speech, Schneider emphasized the importance of adaptability for a company's longevity. He mentioned that both companies have gone through numerous changes and adaptations over the years, and are now facing another "paradigm shift."

As both companies have successfully navigated through a century and a half, the focus is now on the future. The celebration was not just a reflection on the past but also an opportunity to look forward with hope and determination.

The event underlined the strong sense of community and collaborative spirit that has been instrumental in the success of both companies. It served as a reminder that while machinery and technology are crucial, it's the people who make a company truly great.


The 150th-anniversary celebration of SMS group and Paul Wurth was not merely a trip down memory lane, but also an affirmation of the values and people that have contributed to their long-standing success. As the companies face new challenges and opportunities, this milestone serves as a foundation for future endeavors, filled with hope and determination.

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