3 Infernal Episodes: Mishaps Mar Indian Steel Realm

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A series of accidents befell the Indian steel industry, with incidents in Kutch, Raipur, and Vizag. In Gujarat's Anjar, a steel factory mishap left seven workers injured, four critically, as molten metal spilled from a furnace. Raipur witnessed a tragic incident where two workers were engulfed by molten metal, one succumbing to injuries. At Vizag, a minor fire near a slag pit caused by slag splash was promptly contained. The steel sector grapples with safety challenges, urging a closer look at operational protocols.



The clangor of steel production in India recently resonated with disconcerting events as safety took a backseat, resulting in a string of mishaps. In Anjar, Gujarat, a steel factory turned into a scene of chaos when molten metal spilled from a furnace, injuring seven workers, four of them critically. The incident occurred during routine operations as workers were depositing metal scrap into the furnace.

Superintendent of Police, Kutch (East), Sagar Bagmar, reported, "The molten metal spilled out of the furnace and fell on seven workers, injuring them. They were shifted to a hospital at Gandhidham. Four of them were referred to Ahmedabad for further treatment as their health condition is critical." This unfortunate incident raises concerns about workplace safety and operational vigilance.

Meanwhile, in Raipur, a steel plant witnessed a grave mishap, highlighting lapses in plant management. Two workers were engulfed by molten metal, leading to the tragic death of one. The incident exposed significant negligence on the part of the plant management, raising questions about safety protocols and worker well-being.

Vizag, too, experienced a brush with danger as a minor fire erupted near a slag pit in Vizag Steel Plant, triggered by slag splash. Swift action by the CISF Fire wing personnel averted a larger catastrophe. The incident occurred near BF 3 North side Slag pit, where a "bush caught fire" due to slag splash. Fortunately, no damage to plant machinery or production occurred, and normal operations resumed.

These incidents underscore the inherent risks in the steel industry, where the fusion of extreme heat and heavy machinery demands stringent safety measures. The well-being of workers and the integrity of operational processes must remain paramount to prevent such unfortunate events.


The recent spate of accidents in the Indian steel sector serves as a stark reminder of the imperative need for enhanced safety measures. From the molten metal mishap in Anjar to the tragic incident in Raipur and the minor fire in Vizag, the steel industry grapples with challenges that necessitate a thorough review of safety protocols. Ensuring the well-being of workers and fortifying operational vigilance should be the cornerstone of the industry's commitment to a secure and resilient working environment.

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