A Cerulean Horizon: Acerinox Unveils Ambitious Excellence Plan

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Acerinox, through its division VDM Metals, embarks on a transformative journey, investing €67 million in high-performance-alloys. This strategic move aims to boost sales by 15%, particularly in the burgeoning market of additive manufacturing. Simultaneously, Acerinox introduces the Beyond Excellence program, a comprehensive initiative focusing on operational brilliance from 2024 to 2026.



In the realm of metallurgy, Acerinox's audacious venture unfolds as a symphony of innovation and investment. VDM Metals, an integral part of the Acerinox Group, is set to soar with a €67 million infusion into the production of stainless steel and high-performance alloys. This strategic maneuver aligns seamlessly with Acerinox's emphasis on value addition, promising a 15% surge in divisional sales.

The investment canvas extends beyond mere numbers, encompassing the expansion of remelting furnaces, enhancements to annealing and pickling lines, and the integration of a cutting-edge defect detection line for bars. Notably, a groundbreaking addition is the installation of a second powder atomizer for additive manufacturing, thrusting VDM Metals into the forefront of 3D printing technology.


As Acerinox unfurls its wings of innovation, the Beyond Excellence program takes center stage. From decarbonization to customer service, this six-pillared initiative pledges a metamorphosis in operational dynamics. With a commitment to achieving a recurring annual target of €100 million in EBITDA between 2024 and 2026, Acerinox is poised to set new benchmarks in the metallurgical landscape. The convergence of strategic investments in VDM Metals and the Beyond Excellence Plan underscores Acerinox's unwavering dedication to its overarching Strategic Plan.

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