Acciaierie Venete Expands: French Acquisition

AscometalImage Source: Ascometal


Acciaierie Venete, an Italian steel producer, announces the acquisition of three Ascometal France Holding plants in Hagondange, Custines, and Le Marais, along with the CREAS research center. The move, aimed for completion by spring 2024, will bolster Acciaierie Venete's position, broadening its production capacity beyond Italy's borders.


Acciaierie Venete, an established name in Italian steel production with an annual capacity of two million metric tons, reveals its strategic expansion plan. The company's latest endeavor involves the acquisition of three key plants belonging to Ascometal France Holding. Situated in Hagondange, Custines, and Le Marais, these sites are pivotal in Acciaierie Venete's vision for growth beyond its native Italy.

The acquisition extends beyond physical plants; it encompasses the CREAS research center, a significant asset that promises innovation and technological advancement. This comprehensive purchase amplifies Acciaierie Venete's ability to consolidate its market presence while significantly augmenting its production capabilities outside the Italian borders.

The projected completion timeline for this acquisition is set for the spring of 2024. This strategic maneuver is poised to fortify Acciaierie Venete's foothold in the European steel market, leveraging the expertise and facilities obtained from Ascometal France Holding.

Ascometal France Holding's plants play a critical role in steel production, offering specialized capabilities that align with Acciaierie Venete's growth trajectory. This acquisition not only represents an expansion but a strategic move to diversify operations and enhance competitive edge in the steel manufacturing sector.


Acciaierie Venete's ambitious acquisition of Ascometal France Holding's key plants signals a deliberate stride towards expanding its European footprint. With an eye on diversification and increased production capacity beyond Italy, this strategic move positions the company for a more robust and competitive presence in the steel industry.

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