Acerinox Joins IndesIA, Drives Data Innovation

Acerinox, a leading global producer of stainless steel and high-performance alloys, joins the Association for the Advancement of the
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Acerinox, a leading global producer of stainless steel and high-performance alloys, joins the Association for the Advancement of the Data Economy and Artificial Intelligence in Spanish Industry (IndesIA). This strategic alliance aims to propel digital transformation in Spanish companies, utilizing data and artificial intelligence for enhanced competitiveness and technological advancement.



Acerinox, a key player in the stainless steel and high-performance alloys sector, announces its collaboration with IndesIA, marking a pivotal move toward digital transformation within the Spanish industrial landscape. Joining forces with esteemed entities like Repsol, Gestamp, Navantia, and others, Acerinox adds significant value as a promoting member to drive data economy and artificial intelligence initiatives.

The association, comprised of diverse industrial giants and SMEs, now welcomes Acerinox to actively engage within IndesIA's ecosystem. This collaboration promises mutual enrichment, fostering learning, and benchmarking through collaborative product and project development across various working groups.

By embracing this alliance, Acerinox contributes its expertise to ongoing initiatives, amplifying the association's pool of knowledge and innovative approaches. The collaboration also facilitates Acerinox's commitment to advancing digitalization in industrial processes, leveraging data and AI to optimize operations, improve energy efficiency, enable predictive maintenance, innovate new products, and elevate customer relationships.

Bernardo Velazquez, Acerinox's CEO, emphasizes the alliance's potential to enhance competitiveness through process automation and data-driven optimization. He highlights the company's dedication to sustainable practices and circular economy principles, leveraging technology for resource efficiency.

Valero Marín, president of IndesIA, underscores Acerinox's pivotal role in driving industry modernization. He emphasizes the significance of encouraging experienced entities like Acerinox to spearhead efficient data management, fostering a competitive economy across diverse value chains.


Acerinox's partnership with IndesIA marks a transformative journey towards leveraging data and AI to revolutionize industrial processes, drive sustainable practices, and pioneer innovative business models, reinforcing its commitment to technological advancement and competitive excellence.

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