Acerinox Stainless Steel to Clad New Real Madrid Stadium

Acerinox Stainless Steel to Clad New Real Madrid Stadium

Real Madrid has selected Acerinox’s stainless steel to clad both the façade and the roof of the new Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid in Spain. The

Acerinox Europa plant at Los Barrios in Cadiz in Spain will be responsible for manufacturing the material that will clad the Stadium, one of the most emblematic buildings in the sporting world that also enjoys a privileged location in the Spanish capital, the Paseo de la Castellana. The façade of the new stadium will shine thanks to the finish that will be given to the stainless steel, offering the stadium a design that is unique in the world and allowing it to project images and provide lighting effects. For this project, Acerinox has developed new finishes to reduce the reflection of sunlight on users, vehicles and adjacent buildings.

Acerinox will also supply the steel for the stadium’s retractable roof, which will consist of a fixed part and a retractable part, the latter located over the pitch. This will offer a roof that can be opened in just 15 minutes or closed depending on the needs and activities to be held in the stadium, allowing for a greater variety of shows. The new roof is a commitment to environmental sustainability given the choice of material: stainless steel, a 100% recyclable material and an example of the circular economy, which also reduces noise and light pollution.

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