Adani: Sinosteel's Landmark Win: Lanjigarh Coal Project

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Sinosteel MECC secures a historic 1.2 million metric tons Lanjigarh Coal EP+S project with Adani in India. The project involves constructing pyrolysis furnaces and providing raw materials for Adani's PVC plant, leveraging innovative technology for enhanced efficiency and environmental sustainability.


Sinosteel Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd. (Sinosteel MECC) celebrates a monumental achievement by winning the bid for the 1.2 million metric tons Lanjigarh Coal EP+S project in collaboration with Adani in India, marking an auspicious start to the year with a new esteemed partner.

Adani, a prominent multinational conglomerate, leads India's infrastructure realm encompassing power transmission, coal, energy extraction, and diverse expansions into renewable energy, airports, data centers, and defense sectors.

Sinosteel MECC's engagement with Adani traces back to 2021, actively participating in the bidding process for the Lanjigarh Coal project. Rigorous negotiations and technical discussions culminated in Sinosteel MECC's triumph among six competitors, securing the contract to facilitate Adani's annual production of 1.2 million metric tons of Lanjigarh Coal EP+S project.

The scope of the winning bid entrusts Sinosteel MECC with the construction of eight state-of-the-art pyrolysis furnaces and supplementary facilities. These will facilitate the provision of essential raw materials for Adani's PVC plant, focusing on coal-based polyvinyl chloride production. This pioneering project marks a significant milestone in India's coal production, generating Lanjigarh Coal alongside by-products like coal tar and coal gas.

Employing recognized Lanjigarh Coal production technology, the process optimizes coal resource utilization for manufacturing industrial fuel and raw materials.

Sinosteel MECC advocates the "Low-Temperature Pyrolysis, Internal Heating, Gas Heat Carrier" process for their client, aligning with energy efficiency and environmental preservation. This cutting-edge method boasts technological superiority, innovative design, and environmental sustainability over conventional furnace types.

Sinosteel MECC's decades-long presence in the Indian market reflects their extensive project management expertise, top-tier service standards, and robust technical prowess. The company's fruitful collaborations within the esteemed Jindal Group and its role as the foremost Chinese contractor in India's coke-making sector signify its ongoing contributions.


Sinosteel MECC's triumphant bid for the Lanjigarh Coal EP+S project with Adani in India signifies a significant stride in leveraging innovative technology for sustainable coal production. The partnership not only strengthens Sinosteel's global footprint but also exemplifies their commitment to pioneering advancements in resource utilization and environmental responsibility.

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