AddUp's Printdur HCT: Forging a Future in Tooling Excellence

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AddUp, in collaboration with Swiss Steel Group, unveils Printdur HCT, a revolutionary tool steel tailored for injection molding via additive manufacturing. Boasting enhanced hardness, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, Printdur HCT aims to redefine mold efficiency. Developed for AddUp's FormUp 350, it exhibits a remarkable 50% improvement in build speed, with potential double-digit reductions in production cycles through conformal cooling channels. This partnership pioneers eco-friendly, high-performance materials, positioning AddUp as a leader in industrial additive manufacturing.


In a groundbreaking venture, AddUp and Swiss Steel Group join forces to introduce Printdur HCT, a cutting-edge tool steel specifically designed for injection molding applications using additive manufacturing techniques. This collaborative effort marks a significant stride in advancing tooling excellence.

Printdur HCT emerges as a game-changer in the realm of injection molding, meticulously developed by Swiss Steel Group based on the conventional standard tool steel 1.2083/AISI420. This innovative material, optimized for use in additive manufacturing, particularly on AddUp's FormUp 350, showcases unparalleled corrosion resistance, hardness, and wear resistance crucial for injection molding applications.

AddUp's engineers, adhering to rigorous internal manufacturing readiness level protocols, achieved a remarkable 50% improvement in build speed. This breakthrough comes without compromising structural integrity, exhibiting minimal porosity and ensuring over 99.90% material density compared to standard materials. Notably, Printdur HCT's surfaces exhibit excellent quality without any residual smoke, reinforcing its suitability for demanding industrial applications.

Printdur HCT is strategically designed to meet the specific requirements of injection molding. Its innovative features enable a substantial reduction in production cycles through the utilization of conformal cooling channels. This advancement holds the potential to streamline manufacturing processes, offering a significant competitive edge to industries relying on efficient injection molding.

AddUp's commitment to innovation and sustainable manufacturing practices is underscored by the strategic partnership with Swiss Steel Group. Dr. Horst Hill, Head of Special Materials Division at SSG, emphasizes the collaborative goal of leveraging decades of experience in materials technology to design new materials for additive manufacturing.

The unique properties of Printdur HCT, including an enhanced hardness range of 53-57 HRC and high wear resistance, contribute to prolonged mold insert service life. The simplified one-step heat treatment process at 540°C ensures the material's readiness for injection molding applications, even under high temperatures, without compromising hardness.

Moreover, Printdur HCT's environmentally conscious production stands out, being nickel and cobalt-free, aligning with Swiss Steel Group's commitment to sustainability. The Green Steel initiative, with a significantly reduced CO2 footprint, reinforces the positive environmental impact of Printdur HCT.

Julien Marcilly, CEO at AddUp, expresses the company's dedication to revolutionizing injection molding applications and enhancing mold efficiency. The incorporation of Printdur HCT into AddUp's portfolio signifies a step forward in realizing the potential of additive manufacturing for industrial-scale production.

Currently achieving a manufacturing readiness level of 3, Printdur HCT is readily available for high-quality proof of concepts. Operational on the FormUp 350 machine in AddUp's Tooling Competence Centre in Aachen, Germany, Printdur HCT is poised to transform prototyping and, upon full development, revolutionize end-use production parts.


AddUp's collaboration with Swiss Steel Group culminates in the introduction of Printdur HCT, a transformative tool steel for injection molding via additive manufacturing. This innovative material showcases exceptional properties, from enhanced hardness to eco-friendly production practices. As Printdur HCT advances to higher readiness levels, it stands as a testament to the possibilities of additive manufacturing in reshaping the future of industrial tooling.

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