AHMSA: Fiscal Conundrum: Steel Magnate's Debt

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A Mexican judge has acknowledged a $2.29 billion debt owed by steel giant AHMSA to its creditors. The company, which is facing insolvency and a potential sale, can appeal this ruling. Despite the significant debt, there's a prospective investment on the horizon, promising infusion of capital.


In a significant legal development, a federal judge in Mexico has brought clarity to the financial woes of a major steel company, Altos Homos de México (AHMSA). The judge's ruling acknowledges a substantial debt amounting to $2.29 billion owed to the company's creditors. This decision marks a pivotal moment for AHMSA, which has been mired in financial difficulties.

The judicial decree, which was promulgated on November 15, 2023, has been made available for scrutiny by the Second District Court for Commercial Bankruptcy. While the exact sum recognized by the judge wasn't initially disclosed, a reliable report from La Voz newspaper, citing lawyer Héctor Manuel Garza Martinez, put the figure at $2.29 billion.

Interestingly, the debt acknowledged by the court is 28.5% less than the $3.2 billion reported as AHMSA's total liabilities at the end of the previous year. This discrepancy suggests a possible reassessment of the company's financial obligations. AHMSA's fiscal health has been under scrutiny, with the latest stock market filings showing negative equity, a condition where liabilities overshadow assets, to the tune of $896 million.

The plight of AHMSA has caught the attention of Argentem Creek Partners, a New York-based financial entity. With an agreement already in place to purchase AHMSA, Argentem Creek Partners plans to revitalize the beleaguered company with a $1.0 billion investment over the next three years.

Despite its impressive production capacity of 5.5 million metric tons annually, AHMSA's operations have stalled. The company's paralysis is a direct result of its current insolvency, casting a shadow over its future.


The ruling by the Mexican judge offers a glimmer of order in the tumultuous financial saga of AHMSA. While the company grapples with its debts and the prospect of new ownership, the potential investment from Argentem Creek Partners could herald a new chapter for the steel producer. The coming months will be crucial as AHMSA navigates through these challenging financial straits.

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