AHMSA Resurgence: Debt Accord Beckons

AHMSAImage Source: AHMSA


Altos Hornos de México, facing insolvency since 2023, has brokered a deal with major creditors, including the federal government with over $500 million in accounts payable. Pending formalization with the bankruptcy judge, sources suggest the federal government's acceptance of the restructuring. The crucial step involves presenting the agreement to the judge, with shareholder meetings slated for a board change. AHMSA's potential acquisition by Argentem Creek Partners hinges on finalizing this intricate process.


Altos Hornos de México (AHMSA), a pivotal player in the steel industry, embarked on a journey to financial revival after being paralyzed by insolvency since the commencement of 2023. In a significant turn of events, AHMSA successfully negotiated an agreement with its primary creditors, a roster that notably includes the federal government, entailing accounts payable exceeding $500 million.

Insiders privy to the matter revealed that the federal government, a prominent stakeholder, has acquiesced to the proposed restructuring. The next crucial phase involves formalizing this agreement before the federal judge overseeing the bankruptcy proceedings. While sources remain anonymous due to legal constraints, the consensus indicates optimism regarding the acceptance of the restructuring proposal by the judge.

The impending presentation of the agreement to the judge sets the stage for a pivotal shareholder meeting. If the judge endorses the restructuring, a subsequent shareholders' assembly will be convened, marking a significant juncture in AHMSA's trajectory. This assembly holds the key to effecting the much-anticipated change in the board of directors, a transformation integral to AHMSA's resurgence.

Notably, the restructuring journey is a prelude to AHMSA's potential acquisition by a consortium led by the New York investment fund, Argentem Creek Partners. The agreement to purchase the controlling stake in the steel giant, signed in February 2023, awaits the culmination of the intricate restructuring process.


In conclusion, AHMSA's strides towards a restructuring agreement signal a hopeful resurgence from the challenges of insolvency. The collaboration with major creditors, including the federal government, underscores a collective commitment to AHMSA's financial revival. As the restructuring proposal awaits the judge's scrutiny, the industry watches with anticipation, recognizing the pivotal role this process plays in shaping the future of AHMSA and its potential transition under new leadership.

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