AHMSA's $350M Lifeline & Shareholder Shift

AHMSAImage Source: AHMSA


Despite a court-ordered hold on AHMSA's shareholder meeting, approval for a $350 million loan to revive the halted steel production was secured today. The meeting, held in Monclova, Coahuila, endorsed new shareholders with 61.96% approval, consenting to AHMSA's liability in the loan agreement and accepting a debtor in possession term loan.


In defiance of a court injunction, Altos Hornos de México (AHMSA) pressed forward with a crucial gathering to greenlight a $350 million loan aimed at reigniting their halted steel operations. Despite the legal barriers, this financial maneuver was sanctioned amid discussions at the company's Monclova facilities.

The shareholder assembly, with a substantial 61.96% vote, consented to the initiation of fresh stakeholders. Notably, the resolution entailed AHMSA's acknowledgment and endorsement of potential liabilities arising from the foreign investors' credit contract. This encompasses any subsequent agreements tied to the disbursal of the Debtor in Possession (DIP) Financing, a financial vehicle typically utilized in corporate restructuring during insolvency.

The incoming capital injection, structured as a senior secured superpriority multi-tranche term loan under DIP Financing, holds precedence over pre-existing debts and obligations. This financial strategy is particularly pivotal for companies navigating reorganization, mirroring AHMSA's current bankruptcy proceedings.

Beyond financial restructuring, the newly inducted shareholders are confronted with a significant outstanding payment of $112.5 million owed to Pemex, the state oil company. This sum, previously agreed upon by Alonso Ancira for redressing alleged damages, remains unpaid. Notably, Ancira's current status doesn't shield him from potential repercussions for non-compliance; only the company retains protection.


AHMSA's tumultuous path toward financial resuscitation and ownership restructuring continues with the endorsement of a substantial loan, underlining the urgency to reanimate their dormant steel production. However, unresolved financial obligations, notably the pending payment to Pemex and the repercussions on Ancira, persist as challenges in the company's recovery journey.

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