AI Alchemy: Doosan & Dataiku Forge the Steel of Tomorrow

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In the crucible of technological collaboration, Dataiku and Doosan meld minds to revolutionize traditional industries. Unveiling a strategic alliance, the partnership transcends mere integration, becoming a beacon for AI literacy and data-centric culture. Their journey unfolds in two riveting projects: the 'Electric Furnace Steel Capacity Prediction Project,' a paragon of industrial innovation, and the 'Doopedia Generative AI Project,' transforming education with unparalleled efficiency. The convergence of Everyday AI and Generative AI not only propels Doosan's digital transformation but also redefines the landscape of business operations, ushering in a new era of agility and innovation.


In the tapestry of technological evolution, the collaboration between Dataiku and Doosan emerges as a masterpiece, intertwining the threads of artificial intelligence and generative brilliance. The genesis lies in the commitment to forge a future where AI permeates every facet of business operations. This symphony of innovation is not a mere dance of algorithms but a profound exploration of the transformative power latent in the marriage of data and industry.

At the heart of this technological ballet is the 'Electric Furnace Steel Capacity Prediction Project,' an opus in the realm of industrial metamorphosis. Executed in Doosan's venerable steel mill in Changwon, Korea, this project marries tradition with cutting-edge AI. The accolade bestowed upon it at the 2023 Dataiku Frontrunner Awards speaks volumes, echoing a 98% accuracy in steel capacity predictions, a quantum leap from the previous model. As the gears of AI mesh with the machinery of steel production, the result is a ballet of efficiency, where energy and production costs pirouette into sustainable realms.

Venturing further into the labyrinth of collaboration is the 'Doopedia Generative AI Project,' a magnum opus in the realm of education. A synergy of minds between Doosan and Dataiku, this project metamorphoses Korea's educational landscape, transcending it into a realm of accessibility and engagement. The acceleration from days to mere minutes in content creation for Doopedia echoes the harmonic convergence of Generative AI and educational innovation.

The path trodden by Doosan and Dataiku is not just a series of projects; it is a trailblazing testament to the potential harnessed when giants of industry and technology unite. Beyond the realms of steel mills and educational platforms, their collaboration is a beacon illuminating the uncharted territories of AI's potential in every aspect of business. It's a roadmap for enterprises aspiring to lead the charge in the digital transformation arena.


In the symphony of collaboration, the partnership between Doosan and Dataiku resonates as a harmonious melody of innovation and foresight. Their commitment to exploring the limitless horizons of AI is not a conclusion but a prelude to the future. As they embark on this journey, the reverberations of their collaboration echo the promise of a digital landscape where AI is not just a tool but an integral essence, woven into the very fabric of business operations. In the end, what emerges is not just a revolution in efficiency but a cultural transformation, where the steel of tradition meets the brilliance of AI to shape the tomorrow we envision today.

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