AI-Wizardry Unleashed: JFE's Conveyor Cognizance

JFE Steel
JFE SteelImage Source: JFE Steel


JFE Steel unveils a groundbreaking Smart Belt-conveyor Monitoring System, employing cutting-edge AI and data science to enhance efficiency in raw material yards. The system's AI image recognition detects conveyor belt damage and misalignment, covering vast yards seamlessly. JFE Steel aims for widespread implementation, heralding a new era of digital transformation in steel production.


In a technological leap, JFE Steel Corporation introduces a revolutionary Smart Belt-conveyor Monitoring System, designed to revolutionize raw material yard operations. The system, a pinnacle of AI and data science, automatically monitors extensive conveyor systems at JFE Steel's East and West Japan Works, with plans for comprehensive integration across all domestic yards.

Raw material yards, crucial hubs for steel production, host a complex network of conveyors transporting iron ore and coal. Recognizing the critical role of these systems, JFE Steel's monitoring system employs AI image recognition and data science technologies. Video cameras capture conveyor images, enabling the system to autonomously detect damages, even in yards spanning up to two kilometers.

The innovation extends beyond damage detection. The same video data confirms belt alignment, ensuring seamless operations. Utilizing 3D sensors, payload positions on conveyor belts are monitored, preventing disruptions. The Video Management System (VMS) facilitates real-time analysis, contributing to operational efficiency and labor savings.

JFE Steel's foray into digital transformation (DX) aligns with its commitment to sustainable manufacturing. The establishment of the JFE Digital Transformation Center and the integration of cyber-physical systems underscore the company's dedication to leveraging technology for operational excellence.


As JFE Steel pioneers the Smart Belt-conveyor Monitoring System, the steel industry witnesses a paradigm shift towards enhanced efficiency and stability. The fusion of AI, data science, and digital transformation signifies a commitment to innovation. JFE Steel's strides in technology herald a future where steel production is not just an industrial process but a symphony of precision and advancement.

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