Alleima's Lucrative Hydrocarbon Ventures

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Alleima has clinched two substantial orders in the Oil and Gas industry, valued at roughly $45 million. These orders for advanced tubes and corrosion-resistant materials mark a significant achievement, with deliveries slated for offshore projects in Brazil and North Africa starting in mid-2024.


Alleima, a renowned player in the advanced materials industry, has recently secured two significant orders in the highly competitive Oil and Gas sector. This development underscores the company's strong position in the market and its ability to cater to the evolving needs of the energy sector.

The first of these orders, valued at around $21 million, involves the supply of advanced tubes and umbilicals for an offshore project in Brazil. These specialized components are crucial for the efficient and safe extraction of oil and gas from deep-water sites. Alleima's expertise in high-performance materials positions them as a preferred supplier for such challenging projects. Deliveries for this order are anticipated to begin in the latter half of 2024 and continue into early 2025.

The second order, estimated at approximately $24 million, is for the provision of corrosion-resistant alloy OCTG tubes. These tubes are destined for an offshore project in North Africa. Given the corrosive environment of oil extraction, these high-quality materials are essential for ensuring longevity and reliability in the field. Alleima is set to commence deliveries for this order in mid-2024.

Both of these orders are classified as major, each exceeding $20 million, and were secured in the fourth quarter. They represent a significant boost for Alleima's Tube division, highlighting the division's robust performance and the company's strategic focus on the Oil and Gas segment.

Nigel Haworth, President of the Business Unit Energy at Alleima's Tube division, remarked on the current energy sector's dynamics. According to him, the growing global demand for energy, coupled with the transition towards renewable energy sources, is driving robust demand in the industry. He expressed confidence in Alleima's capacity to continue securing business in this arena, citing these two orders as evidence of the company's competitive offerings.


These major orders are a clear indication of Alleima's pivotal role in supporting the world's energy needs. By providing materials that stand up to the demanding conditions of oil and gas extraction, Alleima is not only contributing to the sector's efficiency and safety but is also affirming its status as a leader in advanced material solutions. With such strategic wins, Alleima is well-positioned for continued success in the Oil and Gas industry.

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