Alleima's Pinnacle Nuclear Endeavor

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Alleima clinches a substantial triumph with a SEK 250 million order for steam generator tubes in the Nuclear sector. The order, hailing from a premier global nuclear power equipment supplier, marks a significant milestone. This lucrative deal, classified as a major order, underscores Alleima's prowess in the nuclear domain. The order, booked in Q1 2024, promises a secure future, reinforcing Alleima's commitment to the Nuclear segment.


In a strategic leap, Alleima, a key player in the industrial realm, has landed a monumental achievement with a staggering SEK 250 million order for steam generator tubes in the Nuclear sector. The order, sourced from one of the world's leading nuclear power equipment suppliers, positions Alleima as a vital contributor to North America's nuclear energy landscape.

Nigel Haworth, President of Business Unit Energy, Tube division, expresses optimism about the thriving Nuclear segment. This substantial order not only adds financial weight but also strengthens Alleima's position in discussions for upcoming power projects. The company's proactive stance in securing orders aligns with its commitment to fortify the Nuclear segment and ensure steadfast deliveries in the years ahead.

The magnitude of this order is emphasized by its classification as a major order, surpassing the SEK 200 million threshold. The significance of this achievement extends beyond immediate financial gains, reflecting Alleima's capability to navigate and excel in the competitive nuclear power equipment market.

The order, seamlessly booked in the first quarter of 2024, sets the stage for deliveries slated for the first half of 2026. This timeline showcases Alleima's commitment to timely and efficient execution, aligning with the rigorous schedules inherent in the nuclear energy sector.

As the Nuclear segment continues to demonstrate robust market dynamics, Alleima's active participation in multiple discussions regarding future power projects positions it as a dynamic and forward-thinking entity in the global energy landscape. This order not only adds substantial value to Alleima's order book but also fortifies its role in shaping the future of nuclear power.


In conclusion, Alleima's attainment of a SEK 250 million order for steam generator tubes signifies a pinnacle in the company's endeavors within the Nuclear segment. This major order, classified above SEK 200 million, not only bolsters Alleima's financial standing but also cements its position as a key player in the global nuclear power equipment domain. With deliveries scheduled for the first half of 2026, Alleima's commitment to timely execution and its proactive approach to future power projects position it for sustained success in the evolving Nuclear sector.

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