Ammonia Alchemy: JFE's stress corrosion cracking Exploration

TestingImage Source: JFE Steel


JFE Steel unveils a cutting-edge test facility assessing stress corrosion cracking risks in steel immersed in liquid ammonia. Aligned with Japan's green strategy, focusing on ammonia as a carbon-free fuel, JFE aims to develop high-strength steel for large ammonia tanks. The initiative addresses challenges in SCC associated with ammonia storage, emphasizing safety and compliance with regulations.


In a pioneering move, JFE Steel has launched a state-of-the-art test facility at its Steel Research Laboratory, dedicated to evaluating stress corrosion cracking (SCC) risks in steel materials exposed to liquid ammonia. The facility, operational since October 2023, allows comprehensive assessment and electrochemical measurements of SCC susceptibilities in liquid ammonia.

Driven by Japan's green-growth strategy, JFE Steel positions ammonia as a promising, CO₂-free fuel for thermal power generation and maritime use. However, the implementation of extra-large storage tanks poses challenges, particularly in the realm of high-strength steel. The liquefaction of ammonia for storage and transport introduces the risk of SCC, necessitating meticulous evaluation.

The risk assessment is crucial due to the correlation between carbon steel strength and the probability of SCC in the presence of liquid ammonia. JFE Steel's endeavor focuses on developing steel materials resilient to SCC, ensuring safety and reliability in the storage and transportation of liquid ammonia. The company's commitment extends to compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements, emphasizing safety in handling the toxic and flammable nature of liquid ammonia.

JFE Steel's proactive stance aligns with the JFE Group Environmental Vision for 2050, emphasizing climate-change mitigation as a top priority. The company strives to contribute to global decarbonization by expanding initiatives in green energy. The new test facility not only addresses the specific challenges of ammonia storage but also supports the broader need for standardized testing methods and materials in this critical field.


In conclusion, JFE Steel's introduction of a cutting-edge test facility marks a significant step in addressing challenges related to stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in steel exposed to liquid ammonia. Focused on developing high-strength steel for large ammonia tanks, the initiative aligns with Japan's green-growth strategy, positioning ammonia as a sustainable fuel. By adhering to safety standards and regulatory requirements, JFE Steel ensures a rigorous evaluation process, contributing to the broader societal need for standardized testing in ammonia-related applications. This endeavor reflects JFE Steel's commitment to environmental goals and global decarbonization.

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