AM/NS India's Scrap Revolution: A Greener Future

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ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India (AM/NS India) plans to establish three dedicated scrap-processing centres in Gujarat and Maharashtra, investing around $13 million. Anticipating challenges in meeting scrap demands through imports, the move aligns with the company's carbon-emission reduction goals. By increasing the scrap mix in steelmaking, AM/NS India aims for a 9% target by 2025, contributing to its current 32% reduction in CO2 emissions intensity. With global shifts in scrap recycling, the initiative reflects a commitment to sustainable steel production.


In a significant move towards sustainable steel production, ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India (AM/NS India) is set to establish three dedicated scrap-processing centres in Gujarat and Maharashtra. This strategic investment, totaling around $13 million, is poised to address challenges faced by major steel companies in India regarding scrap availability through imports.

The three planned scrap-processing centers will be strategically located, one at the flagship plant in Hazira, another in Ahmedabad, and the third in Khopoli, Maharashtra. The investment, expected to reach fruition by December 2024, aligns with AM/NS India's commitment to carbon-emission reduction targets while maximizing the utilization of steel scrap.

Dilip Oommen, the Chief Executive of ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India, emphasized the company's objective: "We aim to significantly increase the scrap mix while simultaneously reducing dependence on steelmaking from primary raw materials like iron ore and coal." With India heavily reliant on scrap imports due to insufficient domestic generation, these processing centers aim to reshape the industry's dynamics.

AM/NS India, with a current steelmaking capacity of 9 million metric tons per year, boasts substantial potential for maximizing the use of steel scrap in its steelmaking processes. The company reports a commendable 32% reduction in CO2 emissions intensity by December 2022 compared to 2015 levels.

The introduction of these scrap processing centers is pivotal to AM/NS India's goal of achieving a 9% scrap mix by the end of 2025. This will be realized through the incorporation of a new basic oxygen furnace and the existing electric arc furnace (EAF). Currently, the EAF operates with a scrap mix of 3-5% of its total steelmaking capacity.

India, with high steel scrap imports of about 7 million metric tons in 2022-23, anticipates a shift as countries globally prioritize domestic scrap recycling to minimize reliance on pollutive feedstocks like iron ore in the steel-making process. The establishment of scrap processing centers within the country signifies a proactive approach by AM/NS India and other steel companies to adapt to this evolving industry landscape.


AM/NS India's commitment to sustainable steel production takes a substantial leap with the establishment of dedicated scrap-processing centers. This initiative not only aligns with the company's carbon-emission reduction goals but also positions India's steel industry to navigate the changing dynamics of global scrap imports. The strategic investment reflects a proactive stance towards achieving a greener and more self-sufficient future in steel manufacturing.

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