Anode Ascendancy: India's EAM Sets Foot in North Carolina

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Indian company Epsilon Advanced Materials (EAM) is investing $650 million to build a graphite anode factory in North Carolina. This marks India's largest investment in the U.S. electric vehicle battery sector. The facility will cover 1.5 million square feet and aims to create 500 new jobs.


In a landmark move, Epsilon Advanced Materials (EAM), an Indian battery materials firm, has announced plans to construct a graphite anode manufacturing facility in Brunswick County, North Carolina. With an investment of $650 million, this venture represents the first and largest Indian capital influx into the American electric vehicle battery industry.

Spanning a sprawling 1.5 million square feet, the project promises to be a significant job creator, offering around 500 new employment opportunities in the local community. Construction is set to commence in 2024, with the facility expected to become operational by 2026. The ambitious aim is to reach full production capacity by 2031, churning out 50,000 metric tons of graphite anode annually.

Sunit Kapur, EAM's CEO, highlighted the project's advantages for the automotive industry. "Having an environmentally friendly, world-class facility in North Carolina will address supply chain issues in the automotive sector," he said. "Our ability to produce both natural and synthetic graphite means we can offer reliable and cost-effective anodes without import hassles."

The strategic choice of Brunswick County was influenced by its close proximity to Wilmington port, a range of automotive suppliers, and vehicle manufacturing hubs. According to EAM, the area's geography is conducive to sustainability, possibly offering economic incentives for the venture.

Additionally, the Inflation Reduction Act played a role in the location selection, as it aligns with the goals of U.S. automakers to maximize electric vehicle subsidies and credits through domestic manufacturing. EAM disclosed that they have initiated talks with local material suppliers and transportation partners, although specific company names have not been revealed.


Epsilon Advanced Materials' planned graphite anode factory in North Carolina is a major milestone, not just for the company but also for the broader U.S.-India business relations. The factory is poised to address supply chain issues in the electric vehicle battery market, while simultaneously contributing to local employment and economic growth. With construction starting in 2024, all eyes will be on this promising venture.

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