Antillana de Acero: Cuba's Steel Strides

Cuba's Prime Minister announced the imminent commencement of steel billet production at Antillana de
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Cuba's Prime Minister announced the imminent commencement of steel billet production at Antillana de Acero plant, a significant move set to bolster the domestic and global steel markets. The venture is touted as a pivotal investment by the Ministry of Industries, poised to positively impact the national economy and social programs.



In a recent address, Cuba's Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, unveiled a momentous milestone for the country's steel industry. Antillana de Acero, the national steelmaker, is gearing up to kickstart the production of steel billets, a strategic initiative aimed at catering to both domestic needs and international demands. This crucial step, scheduled for January, is poised to elevate Cuba's standing in the global steel market.

Prime Minister Cruz emphasized the paramount significance of this development, citing the Antillana de Acero plant as a cornerstone investment orchestrated by the Ministry of Industries. The commencement of billet production holds promises of fostering economic growth and fortifying various social programs vital for the nation's stability.

Antillana de Acero's ambitious targets envision a production capacity of 62,000 metric tons of billets by the end of 2024. The success of this endeavor hinges upon maintaining optimal conditions in raw material availability and equipment efficiency, laying the groundwork for an impactful contribution to Cuba's industrial landscape.

The upcoming steel billet production marks a crucial turning point for Cuba's steel sector, promising enhanced self-sufficiency and competitiveness in both domestic and international markets. This venture not only aligns with economic growth but also augurs well for the sustenance of crucial social welfare programs.

As the steel industry braces for this monumental shift, the anticipation surrounding Antillana de Acero's entry into steel billet production signifies a significant stride towards Cuba's economic empowerment and self-reliance in the global steel market.


The imminent commencement of steel billet production by Antillana de Acero stands as a beacon of progress for Cuba's steel industry. Set against the backdrop of ambitious production targets and strategic national investments, this development not only holds promise for economic growth but also underscores Cuba's commitment to self-reliance and competitiveness in the global steel landscape.

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