AP Seeks Aid for Greenfield Steel Project

Andhra Pradesh petitions the Union Steel Ministry for $750 million in support for infrastructure around its $8.8 billion greenfield steel plant in
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Andhra Pradesh petitions the Union Steel Ministry for $750 million in support for infrastructure around its $8.8 billion greenfield steel plant in YSR district, reports Business Line. Originally dismissed by SAIL, the project gains traction under JSW Group. The state seeks iron ore links and mine allocation for AP Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. from the Centre.



The Andhra Pradesh government has penned a missive to the Union Steel Ministry, urging financial assistance of $750 million for enhancing infrastructure and bolstering connectivity encompassing its proposed $8.8 billion greenfield steel plant in the YSR district. Initial plans for the integrated steel plant faced rejection from SAIL but have found renewed impetus through the involvement of Sajjan Jindal's JSW Group, as revealed in a correspondence accessed by Business Line.

In its plea, the state government has also beseeched the Centre for assistance in securing iron ore linkages pertinent to the steel plant. Additionally, it has entreated the allocation of these mines to the state's agency, AP Mineral Development Corporation Ltd.

This fervent appeal to the Union Steel Ministry underscores the significance of infrastructural fortification around the envisaged steel plant. The infusion of $750 million, if approved, would serve as a cornerstone in erecting robust connectivity and foundational facilities pivotal to the successful establishment and operation of this monumental project.

The greenfield steel plant, previously met with resistance, now garners support and momentum under the aegis of the JSW Group. This shift in dynamics signals a promising trajectory for the project's fruition, highlighting the potential to invigorate the industrial landscape and stimulate economic prosperity within the YSR district and beyond.

The request for iron ore linkages and allocation of mines to AP Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. accentuates the state's proactive approach towards securing essential resources vital for the sustainable functioning of the proposed steel venture.

The collaborative efforts between the Andhra Pradesh government and the Union Steel Ministry are pivotal in fostering an environment conducive to industrial growth and development. The proposed infusion of financial aid and resource allocation stands as a testament to the collective vision of propelling the steel sector's expansion while bolstering regional socio-economic advancement.


Andhra Pradesh's entreaty for financial assistance and resource allocation signifies a concerted endeavor to fortify the foundations of its proposed greenfield steel project. The Union Steel Ministry's support in funding infrastructure and securing essential resources holds the promise of igniting transformative growth, not only within the YSR district but across the state's industrial landscape.

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