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APEAL, representing European steel packaging producers, expresses disappointment with the Council of the European Union's packaging waste regulation lacking robust measures for recyclability. Despite acknowledging efforts to define high-quality recycling, APEAL urges for more inclusive definitions to drive manufacturers towards enhanced recyclability. The absence of ambitious recyclability performance grades and criteria mars the potential for a truly circular EU economy.


The Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging (APEAL) recently voiced dismay at the Council of the European Union's approach to packaging and packaging waste regulation. The Council's perceived lack of emphasis on recyclability measures within the General Approach drew sharp criticism from Steve Claus, APEAL's Secretary General.

While recognizing the Council's efforts to outline high-quality recycling, APEAL advocates for an expanded definition, encompassing multiple recycling aspects within the legislative framework. A more comprehensive definition, inclusive of multiple recycling concepts, could significantly motivate packaging manufacturers to amplify their product recyclability, ultimately bolstering an efficient recycling process.

APEAL's disappointment extends to the Council's decision not to fully realize the potential of 'recyclability performance grades' rooted in design for recycling criteria. Claus lamented this missed opportunity, emphasizing the potential of ambitious recyclability performance grades in promoting a genuinely circular EU economy.

The association reaffirmed its commitment to collaborating with stakeholders for upcoming negotiations. APEAL urges all parties involved to elevate their ambitions, aligning with a greener, more circular economy vision for Europe.


APEAL's critique highlights the missed opportunities within the Council's General Approach to recycling measures. The call for a more expansive definition of high-quality recycling and the regret over the underutilization of recyclability performance grades signal the need for more ambitious steps to promote a robust circular economy framework in Europe.

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