AqueoUS Vets Acquires Dixie Tank to Expand Water Treatment

AqueoUS Vets®, a vertically integrated solutions provider of water treatment and delivery systems, has announced its strategic acquisition of Dixie Tank Company.
Dixie Tank Company
Dixie Tank Company

AqueoUS Vets®, a vertically integrated solutions provider of water treatment and delivery systems, has announced its strategic acquisition of Dixie Tank Company. Dixie Tank, a respected manufacturer of carbon and stainless-steel tanks, pressure vessels, water heaters, and custom fabrications, caters to the water, water treatment, hot water, and industrial markets. This acquisition allows AqueoUS Vets to establish an East Coast base of operations, broadening its ability to serve a diverse range of customers across the United States. Financial details of the private transaction have not been disclosed.

Since its establishment in 1943, Dixie Tank Company has been at the forefront of manufacturing carbon and stainless steel tanks, ASME Code pressure vessels, water heaters, filters, and custom fabrications. With a commitment to quality fabrication and timely delivery, Dixie Tank has earned recognition as one of the leading fabricators in the Southeast. Their facilities have expanded over the years to cater to a growing customer base, now encompassing over six acres with approximately 78,000 square feet of manufacturing area.

AqueoUS Vets envisions itself as a national brand and a leader in treatment solutions aimed at addressing critical drinking water contaminants prevalent in the country, such as PFAS, 1,4-dioxane, arsenic, 1,2,3-TCP, VOCs, TOC, and TPH. By acquiring Dixie Tank, AqueoUS Vets fortifies its ability to meet the increasing demand for compliant water treatment nationwide, while actively mitigating the environmental impact of modern industrialization and promoting healthier water systems.

Both AqueoUS Vets and Dixie Tank share a steadfast commitment to improving water supplies and eliminating harmful contaminants from the nation's water systems. The acquisition paves the way for collaboration in innovative technologies to enhance product quality and expedite market delivery, while ensuring customers continue to receive the exceptional service they have come to expect from Dixie Tank.

The leadership team at Dixie Tank, led by President Chris Eidson, will be joining AqueoUS Vets in their continued mission. Together, they will leverage their expertise to drive innovation and further advancements in the field of water treatment.

In January 2022, AqueoUS Vets received a growth investment from Bain Capital Double Impact, which enabled the company to expand its highly efficient and effective water treatment systems across the nation. The investment aims to reduce the prevalence of contaminants in the U.S. water system and promote sustainable water practices.

AqueoUS Vets® is a leading, vertically integrated manufacturer of treatment systems designed to combat emerging contaminants in groundwater. Their solutions address a range of substances, including PFAS, 1,2,3-TCP, TOC, VOCs, fuels, chrome 6, and arsenic. AqueoUS Vets follows a comprehensive "Concept to Commission" approach, supporting owners, engineers, and contractors in achieving optimal corrosion management, hydraulic performance, media utilization, and long-term operational reliability. Their integrated approach delivers complete treatment systems, adding value for clients and end-users alike.

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