ArcelorMittal Achieves Milestone with Low-Carbon Steel Sale

XcarbImage Source: ArcelorMittal


ArcelorMittal marks a pivotal move towards carbon neutrality by completing its first sale of steel with reduced CO₂ emissions in the Plans segment. The product carries the prestigious XCarb© green steel certification, emphasizing the company's commitment to low-carbon production. Two significant negotiations involving units in Tubarão and Vega resulted in the sale to Águia Sistemas and Espaço Smart. Customers opting for XCarb-certified© products can achieve a substantial 75% reduction in ArcelorMittal's steel carbon emissions over the product's lifetime.


In a noteworthy development towards carbon neutrality, ArcelorMittal has successfully made its first sale of steel with reduced CO₂ emissions in the Plans segment. The product proudly carries the XCarb© green steel certification, a testament to ArcelorMittal's dedication to low-carbon production. This milestone was achieved through two crucial negotiations involving the Tubarão and Vega units, ultimately resulting in sales to Águia Sistemas and Espaço Smart.

By opting for XCarb-certified© products, customers contribute to a significant reduction of ArcelorMittal's steel carbon emissions, with an average of 75% over the product's lifetime. The company formalized the deal by delivering certificates to the purchasing companies in ceremonies held in Ponta Grossa-PR on Tuesday, January 23.

Eduardo Zanotti, the Commercial Vice President of ArcelorMittal Aços Planos Latin America, emphasized the global commitment of ArcelorMittal Group to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. He highlighted the significance of the XCarb© program and how purchasing certified products aligns companies with a commitment to a more sustainable future.

For Espaço Smart, the certification reinforces the brand's pillars of innovation and sustainability. Fernando Scheffer, founder and marketing director, expressed excitement about being the first Brazilian company to work with this sustainable methodology. Águia Sistemas CEO, Rogério Scheffer, emphasized the importance of using green steel as a substantial step towards good sustainability practices and circular economy concepts.

The XCarb© program, launched globally in 2021, consolidates ArcelorMittal's efforts to reduce and neutralize greenhouse gas emissions in the steel chain. The green steel certificate, a key initiative of the program, is issued based on CO₂ savings, independently verified by DNV. Purchasing a product with this certificate not only signifies the company's commitment to sustainability but also transfers the carbon savings achieved by ArcelorMittal in the process to the purchasing company.


ArcelorMittal's successful sale of low-carbon steel, certified under the XCarb© program, marks a significant stride towards environmental sustainability. The engagement with Águia Sistemas and Espaço Smart reflects the growing interest in green steel solutions. As companies prioritize such certifications, the broader impact on reducing carbon emissions in the steel industry becomes increasingly tangible. ArcelorMittal's commitment to carbon neutrality, exemplified through the XCarb© program, positions it as a leader in fostering a more sustainable future.

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