ArcelorMittal Elevates Efficiency with Getac's Robust Tablets

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ArcelorMittal France, a global steel and mining giant, enhances operational efficiency with Getac's robust tablets, docking stations, and accessories. Employing F110 and A140 tablets for three years, the company experiences improved connectivity, continuous availability, and enhanced productivity. These rugged solutions withstand challenging environments, contributing to seamless steel production and digitalization. ArcelorMittal's commitment to smart, eco-friendly steel aligns with Getac's technology, fostering a reliable partnership.


In a transformative move towards digitization, ArcelorMittal France, a leading global steel and mining enterprise, continues its collaboration with Getac, relying on their robust computing solutions. Since 2020, the Dunkirk site in France has employed Getac's F110 and A140 tablets, docking stations, and vehicle power adapters, optimizing maintenance and production tasks. These rugged tablets withstand vibrations, heat, and dust, ensuring uninterrupted operations in the materials handling domain.

ArcelorMittal France's objective as a steelmaking and mining leader is to produce smarter steels with positive impacts on both people and the planet. Through innovative processes, the company aims to create steels that consume less energy, emit minimal carbon, and reduce costs, resulting in cleaner, stronger, and reusable materials. These steels cater to electric vehicles and renewable energy infrastructure, supporting societal transformations in the coming decades.

Equipping itself with Getac's F110 and A140 total solutions over the past three years, ArcelorMittal France benefits from IT solutions, accessories, and a Total Warranty Cover, including accidental damage protection. The F110 tablet enhances users' effectiveness in challenging environments, offering ample data storage, autonomy, and rapid connectivity for efficient data transfer.

The A140 tablet, with its 14-inch screen, grants ArcelorMittal France workers maximum access to information, boosting productivity for efficient and uninterrupted operations. The dual removable and hot-swappable battery design further contributes to seamless functionality.

The tablets ensure robust connectivity, crucial for uninterrupted industrial operations in challenging environments. The user-friendly interface enhances the efficiency of on-field teams, enabling quick technology adoption by operators.

Jimmy Lin, Getac Technology France Director, expresses pride in supporting ArcelorMittal's digital transformation and their endeavor to enhance working conditions. The rugged solutions provide advantages like improved connectivity, continuous availability, user-friendly interfaces, and flexibility for optimized operations.

"The Getac tablets have considerably improved the availability of our slab handling application and equipment, eliminating equipment-related network loss problems by connecting to the 4G/5G network," says Sébastien Denisselle, Decarbo Digital Project Manager at ArcelorMittal France Dunkerque.

"The flexibility of Getac tablets is a major advantage in busy operational environments. The ability to interchange tablets between different machines while remaining operational is a precious asset," adds Sébastien Denisselle from ArcelorMittal France.


ArcelorMittal's reliance on Getac's rugged tablets showcases a successful partnership in advancing digitalization and operational efficiency. The seamless integration of F110 and A140 tablets, along with comprehensive support and accessories, reinforces ArcelorMittal's commitment to high-performance operations and sustainability. Getac's robust solutions continue to play a pivotal role in improving productivity and maintaining efficiency, even in demanding industrial scenarios.

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