ArcelorMittal Hamburg Forges the ResponsibleSteel™ Path

ArcelorMittal Hamburg
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ArcelorMittal Hamburg, a crucial player in global steel production, is undergoing certification by GUTcert for the ResponsibleSteel™ Standard. This certification, encompassing the entire value chain, ensures transparency on crucial aspects, from environmental impact to working conditions. Stakeholders can contribute to the evaluation, aligning with the steelmaker's commitment to sustainable and transparent practices. The audit process invites participation until February 8, 2024.


ArcelorMittal Hamburg, a pivotal production unit within the esteemed ArcelorMittal Group, is charting a course toward certification under the ResponsibleSteel™ Standard. This voluntary initiative in the steel industry aims to establish a benchmark for responsible steel procurement and production. The certification, entrusted to Berlin-based GUTcert, spans the entire value chain, emphasizing environmental considerations, working conditions, raw material efficiency, waste management, and the positive impact on local communities.

As a linchpin in global steel production, ArcelorMittal Hamburg, known for its high-quality wire rod, has committed itself to a production ethos that aligns with sustainability and transparency. The ResponsibleSteel™ Standard serves as a stringent guideline for the company's efforts to meet climate and energy policy challenges while ensuring responsible manufacturing practices.

GUTcert, the certification company overseeing the audit, is inviting input from individuals and organizations affected by ArcelorMittal's activities. This participatory approach allows stakeholders to contribute insights, whether through document submissions, data sharing, or interviews with GUTcert auditors. The certification process offers a comprehensive evaluation, ensuring that diverse perspectives are considered.

ResponsibleSteel™, established with pivotal contributions from ArcelorMittal since 2015, exemplifies a commitment to responsible steel practices. Previous certifications have been secured for German production sites in Bremen, Bottrop, Duisburg, and Eisenhüttenstadt. The ongoing certification process for Hamburg underscores the company's unwavering dedication to setting industry standards for responsible and sustainable steel production.


ArcelorMittal Hamburg is on a journey to attain certification under the ResponsibleSteel™ Standard, a hallmark for responsible steel production. This initiative, spanning the entire steel value chain, emphasizes transparency and accountability. Stakeholders, including individuals and organizations, are invited to contribute their perspectives during the audit process, demonstrating a commitment to inclusive and sustainable practices. The certification process welcomes engagement until February 8, 2024.

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