ArcelorMittal SA's Long Steel Products Wind-Down"

ArcelorMittal South Africa
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ArcelorMittal South Africa announces the potential wind-down of its Long Steel Products Business due to economic challenges, low steel demand, logistics issues, and preferential scrap pricing. This move follows exhaustive cost-saving measures. Approximately 3,500 jobs could be affected, subject to consultation. The company aims to focus on sustainable, export-driven industrialization in key sectors post-wind-down.


ArcelorMittal South Africa confronts critical challenges in its Long Steel Products Business, necessitating contemplation of its potential wind-down. Years of aggressive cost-saving initiatives and optimization efforts failed to counteract several compounding factors leading to this pivotal decision.

Economic constraints, including South Africa's sluggish GDP growth, contributed to a significant 20% reduction in steel consumption over seven years. This decline, coupled with limited infrastructure spending and market overcapacity, weakened business confidence, adversely impacting ArcelorMittal's operations.

Additionally, uncontrollable national constraints like high transport and energy costs, compounded by logistics failures and electricity challenges, further exacerbated the situation. The preferential pricing and export limitations on scrap gave electric arc furnaces a competitive edge over iron ore-based steel production.

Regrettably, the Board and Management of ArcelorMittal South Africa are compelled to consider winding down the Longs Business, contemplating care and maintenance mode pending due diligence and consultative processes with stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, labor unions, and others. The extent and timeline of this wind-down will be determined through this iterative process.

This anticipated move might affect approximately 3,500 employees, with the company commencing a consultation process as required by labor regulations. However, the final count will be contingent on identified alternatives and consultation outcomes.

Looking ahead, ArcelorMittal South Africa aims to pivot its focus towards becoming a driving force in export-driven, innovative steel-based industrialization across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. The company plans to harness its competitive supply chain, fostering growth in downstream sectors like automotive, renewable energy, mining, and infrastructure.

CEO Kobus Verster emphasized the company's exhaustive exploration of options, highlighting the duty to ensure long-term sustainability. Verster envisions a leaner, more sustainable business post-wind-down, enabling strategic investments in product development and growth prospects.


ArcelorMittal South Africa's decision to potentially wind down its Long Steel Products Business stems from multifaceted economic challenges, necessitating a pivot toward sustainable, export-oriented growth. The company's commitment to stakeholder consultation and its strategic repositioning towards a more competitive and resilient future define its trajectory amidst these challenging circumstances

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