ArcelorMittal: Steel Elegance Soars in Brazilian Airports

ArcelorMittal Brazil
ArcelorMittal BrazilImage Source: ArcelorMittal


Brazil's steel giant, ArcelorMittal, makes a grand entrance onto panels in major Brazilian airports, including Congonhas, Santos Dumont, and Porto Alegre. This strategic move aims to enhance brand awareness and connect with both familiar audiences and new opinion leaders. Beyond showcasing steel prowess, the panels spotlight social initiatives, environmental projects, and key partnerships, solidifying ArcelorMittal's commitment to sustainable development.


In a bold move, ArcelorMittal, Brazil's foremost steel producer and a global leader, is gracing the panels of key Brazilian airports. The notable airports encompass Congonhas (SP), Santos Dumont (RJ), Belo Horizonte (MG), Salvador (BA), Florianópolis (SC), Porto Alegre (RS), and Vitória (ES). This strategic endeavor seeks to deepen brand connections with existing audiences while making a captivating first impression on Brazilian opinion leaders.

Juliana Machado, the General Manager of Brand, Corporate Communication, and Institutional Relations at ArcelorMittal Brazil, emphasizes the significance of this move. Presenting the ArcelorMittal brand in prime airport locations provides a unique opportunity to engage with diverse audiences. The company, renowned for its leadership in the steel sector globally and its substantial contributions to the Brazilian economy, aims to strengthen its ties with society through this communication strategy.

Beyond showcasing cutting-edge steel solutions, the airport panels will also spotlight ArcelorMittal's social and environmental endeavors. From innovation initiatives to key partnerships with institutions like the Museum of Tomorrow, MRV Arena, and Stock Car, the displays will paint a comprehensive picture of the company's commitment to sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship.


ArcelorMittal's debut on panels at major Brazilian airports signifies a strategic move to enhance brand visibility and engagement. The initiative not only targets audiences familiar with the brand but also aims to make a lasting impression on opinion leaders across the country. In addition to showcasing the company's steel expertise, the airport displays emphasize ArcelorMittal's commitment to social, environmental projects, innovation, and impactful partnerships.

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