ArcelorMittal: World’s Megasteel Hub at Hazira

N Mittal
Laxmi N MittalImage Source: GOV


ArcelorMittal's Chairperson, Lakshmi N Mittal, revealed plans for the world's largest steel manufacturing site at Hazira during the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. The project, set for completion by 2029, marks a significant expansion, aligning with India's industrial growth. Mittal highlighted this as a pivotal step towards global steel industry leadership.


At the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, Lakshmi N Mittal, ArcelorMittal's Chairperson, praised the event's structure rooted in innovation and continuity. Reflecting on PM Modi's visionary theme, Mittal anticipated heightened global regard for India. He spotlighted the Hazira expansion, inaugurated in 2021, as a crucial project, sharing an ambitious timeline for its completion.

The chairperson revealed the project's phases, with an impressive 24 million metric tons of steel anticipated upon full operation. Mittal emphasized the expansion's alignment with India's industrial commitment and ArcelorMittal's investment in renewable energy and green hydrogen.

This unveiling at the summit underscores ArcelorMittal's commitment to India's economic growth, positioning the company as a key player in the global steel sector. Mittal's positive remarks affirm the confidence and optimism prevalent among investors and industry leaders present at the summit.


Lakshmi Mittal's announcement at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit about ArcelorMittal's plan for the world's largest steel manufacturing site in Hazira by 2029 highlights a significant step in India's industrial advancement. The expansion aligns with India's growth objectives and ArcelorMittal's investments in sustainable practices. Mittal's positive outlook during the summit reflects global confidence in India's economic progress.

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