Arvedi AST's Eyeron® Revolutionizes Steel Production"

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Arvedi AST, a prominent European stainless steelmaker, partners with Fives for digital advancement, adopting Eyeron®, a cutting-edge quality management system. Eyeron® integrates across their entire plant, streamlining processes, optimizing quality control, and revolutionizing decision-making. The journey highlights Eyeron®'s impact on real-time production control, showcasing immense improvements in productivity and defect prevention.


In today’s fast-paced steel production landscape, Arvedi AST, a leading European stainless steelmaker, seeks to maintain competitiveness by embracing digital transformation. Collaborating with Fives, they implemented Eyeron®, an intelligent quality management system from the Steel Digital Factory. This advanced system aimed to consolidate process and quality-related data, enhancing efficiency and elevating quality control standards at Arvedi AST’s integrated plant.

Gian Piero Ruello, Coil Intelligent Processing Project Manager at Arvedi AST, expressed the primary objective: consolidating disparate process data onto a unified platform to bolster efficiency and meet stringent quality demands from individual clients. Eyeron®'s installation across various workshops—ranging from steelmaking to cold rolling—marked a significant shift towards proactive quality control and production issue prevention.

The project unfolded in three pivotal stages: data collection, rule enforcement, and dashboard customization. Each phase posed unique challenges demanding tailored solutions. Data collection necessitated significant system upgrades to accommodate Eyeron®'s extensive data requirements. Eyeron®'s web-based application facilitated seamless access to production data from any device, anywhere.

The subsequent phases focused on quality rule management and dynamic scheduling, integrating Machine Learning Algorithms for process control refinement. Eyeron®'s successful implementation revolutionized decision-making, offering real-time coil grading and automatic reassignment based on customer quality requirements.

Eyeron®’s utilization has significantly bolstered customer support, facilitating timely decisions on coil quality and destination allocation. The system's efficacy in reducing downgraded products and enhancing defect detection has vastly improved productivity and quality control, safeguarding against customer dissatisfaction and early production stage issues.


The adoption of Eyeron® by Arvedi AST signifies a significant leap in intelligent process management for steelmakers, showcasing its prowess in enhancing productivity, quality, and decision-making in the dynamic steel production landscape.

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