Automation Alchemy: Primetals Transforms Steel Dynamics

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Primetals Technologies achieves a steel revolution at BGH Edelstahlwerke in Germany, enhancing productivity and reliability through the modernization of automation systems. Upgrading roughing mill No. 2 follows the success of a tailored solution for mill No. 1. The project introduces cutting-edge technology, including the TIA Portal and Minimum Tension Control software, optimizing the rolling process. With a swift execution, Primetals Technologies significantly boosts BGH's production capacity.


In a pivotal move for steel production, Primetals Technologies and BGH Edelstahlwerke join forces to modernize automation systems at roughing mill No. 2 in Freital, Germany. Following the success of a previous collaboration in 2021 on roughing mill No. 1, BGH Edelstahlwerke has signed the preliminary acceptance certificate, signaling the completion of the project. The modernization introduces advanced technology, including the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) and the Minimum Tension Control software, resulting in a more reliable and productive automation system.

Executed within a limited timeframe, the project's success is attributed to well-thought-out, standardized, and adaptable technology. The upgraded automation platform enhances operational ease while significantly increasing reliability. The Minimum Tension Control software plays a crucial role in stabilizing the rolling process, contributing to heightened productivity. As part of the modernization, shears 0 and 1 were equipped with the Long Rolling (LR) shear solution from Primetals Technologies, optimizing material cutaway and further boosting production capacity.

BGH Edelstahlwerke benefits from this transformative automation upgrade, aligning with its over 550 years of steelmaking expertise. The facility in Freital specializes in producing high-alloy steels with applications in diverse industries such as automotive, energy, and medical. This collaboration builds on a longstanding partnership between Primetals Technologies and BGH Edelstahlwerke, which includes previous projects like electric arc furnace modernization and the implementation of a 50-ton AOD converter.


In conclusion, Primetals Technologies' recent modernization of automation systems at BGH Edelstahlwerke's roughing mill No. 2 marks a significant leap in steel production efficiency. The utilization of cutting-edge technology, including the TIA Portal and Minimum Tension Control software, enhances the reliability and productivity of the automation system. BGH Edelstahlwerke, with over 550 years of steelmaking history, benefits from a more streamlined and advanced process, showcasing the success of this collaborative effort. This venture reinforces the partnership's commitment to innovation in steel production.

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